Gambling Revenue At Massachusetts Casinos Rises In 2022, Year Ends With Gains

Written By Cheryl Coward on January 20, 2023 - Last Updated on August 29, 2023
Bill proposes to add a new casino in Leominster area

December was a good month for casinos in the Commonwealth. With the expected opening day of their retail sportsbooks at the end of January, Massachusetts casinos entered the New Year with an uptick in gross gaming revenue (GGR) from table games and slots to cap 2022 on a good note.

With 2020’s pandemic lows behind them, Encore Boston Harbor (EBH), MGM Springfield, and Plainridge Park Casino (PPR) all increased their annual revenue in 2022.

Breaking Down Casino Revenue

January 2022 was the worst month for the Commonwealth’s casinos as the operators were still recovering from a three-month shutdown in 2020, followed by the lingering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that spilled over into 2021. However, as 2022 progressed, GGR steadily increased with a few ebbs in the mix.

The following is a breakdown of each casino’s GGR for December 2022 and annual figures:

Encore Boston Harbor

The state’s most profitable casino, EBH, had its best month in December with $68,459,743 from its tables and slots. It was a 13.2% increase from November’s GGR.

EBH’s tables generated $34,984,642 in December, while its tables collected $68,459,743.

After 3.5 years of operation, EBH had $729,724,772 in annual GGR in 2022, more than double the yearly figures for 2019 and 2020.

Encore Boston Harbor December 2022 GGR

MonthSlot GGRTable GGRTotal
Slot and Table GGR
Total (25%) in collected state taxes
January 2022$27,874,734.20$26,084,612.47$53,959,346.67$13,489,836.67
February 2022$31,054,019.69$23,688,641.56$54,742,661.25$13,685,665.31
March 2022$35,181,572.90$29,685,959.75$64,867,532.65$16,216,883.16
April 2022$34,118,122.32$29,620,598.98$63,738,721.30$15,934,680.33
May 2022$32,624,183.92$25,408,848.58$58,033,032.50$14,508,258.13
June 2022$31,468,282.71$28,589,032.87$60,057,315.58$15,014,328.90
July 2022$35,051,906.67$29,672,721.61$64,724,628.28$16,181,157.07
August 2022$35,372,908.84$22,711,324.56$58,084,233.40$14,521,058.35
September 2022$32,941,867.36$28,642,137.95$61,584,005.31$15,396,001.33
October 2022$33,677,401.58$28,365,680.78$62,043,082.36$15,510,770.59
November 2022$32,841,989.82$26,588,480.33$59,430,470.15$14,857,617.54
December 2022$34,984,642.31$33,475,100.78$68,459,743.09$17,114,935.77

Encore Boston Harbor Annual Growth

Total GGRTotal in collected state taxes
2019$313,943,179.12 $78,485,794.80
2020$331,716,869.90 $82,929,217.48
2021$634,395,489.92 $158,598,872.48
2022$729,724,772.54 $182,431,193.15

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MGM Springfield

MGM Springfield opened its doors back in August 2018. Before the pandemic, its most profitable year was 2019. For December 2022, its GGR increased by 1.94% from November to $22,470,286.

The Western Mass casino earned $17,640,504 from its slots and $4,829,782 from tables. MGM Springfield’s best month of 2022 was March, when the operator raked in $24,280,522.

The casino had its best year in 2022, with an annual GGR of $259,137,459.

MGM Springfield December 2022 GGR

MonthSlot GGRTable GGRTotal
Slot and Table GGR
Total (25%) in collected state taxes
January 2022$14,386,892.72$4,214,795.50$18,601,688.22$4,650,422.06
February 2022$15,711,906.08$4,220,007.75$19,931,913.83$4,982,978.46
March 2022$18,837,606.75$5,442,915.75$24,280,522.50$6,070,130.63
April 2022$18,404,598.73$4,135,430.05$22,540,028.78$5,635,007.20
May 2022$17,113,181.60$4,039,067.85$21,152,249.45$5,288,062.36
June 2022$16,936,388.21$4,209,619.31$21,146,007.52$5,286,501.88
July 2022$17,275,318.86$4,242,403.60$21,517,722.46$5,379,430.62
August 2022$17,518,085.09$4,474,746.40$21,992,831.49$5,498,207.87
September 2022$16,358,042.03$4,213,605.83$20,571,647.86$5,142,911.97
October 2022$17,980,905.48$4,917,880.59$22,898,786.07$5,724,696.52
November 2022$17,327,291.21$4,706,483.14$22,033,774.35$5,508,443.59
December 2022$17,640,504.18$4,829,782.52$22,470,286.70$5,617,571.68

MGM Springfield Annual Growth

Total GGRTotal in collected state taxes
2018$101,482,954.83 $25,370,738.71
2019$252,642,750.41 $63,160,687.62
2020$137,964,730.81 $34,491,182.72
2021$247,034,037.74 $61,758,509.44
2022$259,137,459.23 $64,784,364.84

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Plainridge Park Casino

PPR is the state’s oldest casino and a slots-only facility. It opened in June 2015. The Plainville casino’s slots generated $12,310,688 in GGR for December, a 7.46% increase from November. PPR’s best month was March, when its GGR reached nearly $13 million.

PPR’s best year was 2017, with an annual GGR of $171,589,629. After dipping to a low of $82,254,142 in 2020, PPR’s revenues are getting close to pre-pandemic levels. For 2022, the casino earned $143,063,200 in GGR.

Plainridge Park Casino December 2022  GGR

MonthSlot GGRTotal in collected state taxes and rhdf
January 2022$9,842,331.07$4,822,742.22
February 2022$10,950,511.23$5,365,750.50
March 2022$12,937,163.66$6,339,210.19
April 2022$12,908,918.51$6,325,370.07
May 2022$11,731,163.49$5,748,270.11
June 2022$11,967,439.63$5,864,045.42
July 2022$12,498,196.15$6,124,116.11
August 2022$11,961,566.29$5,861,167.48
September 2022$12,199,572.68$5,977,790.61
October 2022$12,363,500.65$6,058,115.32
November 2022$11,392,148.60$5,582,152.81
December 2022$12,310,688.75$6,032,237.49

Plainridge Park Casino Annual Growth

Total Slot GGRTotal collected state taxes
2015$88,230,548.03 $43,232,968.52
2016$155,041,917.60 $75,970,554.32
2017$164,786,229.97 $80,745,252.68
2018$171,589,629.33 $84,078,918.38
2019$151,948,969.73 $74,454,990.79
2020$82,254,142.69 $40,304,529.91
2021$139,347,781.80 $68,280,413.08
2022$143,063,200.71 $70,100,968.33

Tax Revenue Trends

Historical tax revenue for the casinos corresponded with the trajectory of GGR. Massachusetts taxes the resort casinos at a rate of 25% of GGR and slots-only PPC at 49%.

Of PPC’s taxes, 82% goes to Local Aid and 18% to the Race Horse Development Fund. MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor taxes are allotted to several specific state funds as determined by the Commonwealth’s gaming statute.

Overall, Massachusetts has collected approximately $1.29 billion in total taxes and assessments from the casinos since the respective openings of each gaming facility.

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What The Future Holds

January 2023’s GGR will be the first time casino earnings include sports betting. Each casino will offer retail and online sports betting.

Massachusetts imposed a 20% tax on all mobile sports betting and a 15% tax on in-person wagering. Nine percent of sports betting tax revenue will go to the Public Health Trust Fund, which will provide resources to address problem gambling and support responsible gaming.

Customers can place in-person bets on Jan. 31, just in time for the year’s biggest sports event, the Super Bowl. Casinos can partner with up to two online sports betting operators.

Casino sports betting partners include:

During public hearings that began in December, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission approved licenses, with conditions, for all the mobile sports betting partners for the casinos. The conditions imposed by the MGC are specific to each casino.

Each month, the MGC releases monthly revenue reports for casinos. While the next revenue report that comes out in mid-February will only include one day in January, it will be fascinating to see how the state’s brand-new retail sportsbooks fared after months of anticipation and preparation for the launch of sports betting in the Commonwealth.

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