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PlayMA is the best local resource you have for gambling information in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. On this page, we have all the details about who we are, what we do and how to get in contact with us.

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What is PlayMA?

PlayMA is an affiliate news site. As a result of our affiliate partnerships with top gambling companies, there are advertisements for legal gambling options on various pages throughout the site. However, none of the companies advertised maintain any editorial control or influence over the content that we publish. We do not, nor will we ever, accept any kind of paid advertising offers, including the promotion of sites at their own request.

PlayMA is part of the Catena Media network of websites. Catena is the owner and operator of dozens of sites around the country, all of which cover legal gambling within various states and the country as a whole. We only cover legal gambling sites in these areas. Any gambling sites that have not received a proper license and approval from the relevant authorities are of no interest to us — our only concern is that our readers understand the terrible risks of playing on such sites.

In the same vein, Catena Media is a licensed and/or registered entity in any state that requires gambling media outlets to be on file as official vendors.

PlayMA mission

Our mission is to serve as a trusted, local resource for members of the media, industry followers, and Massachusetts gamblers by providing expert news reporting, top legal bonus offers for Massachusetts gambling sites, and in-depth informational resources designed to answer any and every question about gambling in Massachusetts.

Our process

Every person who works to create the content on PlayMA is a professional. We each have years of experience as journalists and/or within the gambling industry. We do not accept guest submissions or user-generated content.

On the internet, it can be difficult to tell truth from fiction or exaggeration. Here are the strict editorial guidelines we use for every word we publish on PlayMA.

Information sourcing

Whenever possible, we get our information straight from primary sources. If the subject is a new law, our source is the official state publication of the law’s text and/or the author of the law itself. If a type of gambling is about to become regulated in Massachusetts, we speak to top officials at the gaming commission. We start with the official data and information and proceed from there. Any hearsay, gossip or unconfirmed information does not meet our standards.

Rigorous examination

Once a story or page is written, it undergoes a rigorous examination by multiple editors and managers in the Catena Media network. Both the grammar and content of the publication are subject to review. In almost every case, PlayMA Managing Editor Alec Cunningham goes over the piece herself in a final bit of quality assurance.

Public opinion

The last step of the process lies with you, the reader. If you spot something that you believe to be confusing or erroneous, please let us know. PlayMA seeks to be the objective record of all things gambling in Massachusetts, and we want to know if something isn’t right.

The people behind PlayMA

Every person who works to create the content on PlayMA is a professional. We each have years of experience as journalists and/or within the gambling industry. All of that experience comes to bear through the words on this site. We do not accept guest submissions or user-generated content.

Alec Cunningham

Managing Editor: Alec Cunningham

Alec Cunningham currently serves as the managing editor of several sites within the Play Network including PlayMA and PlayOhio. She’s covered countless online sports betting and casino legislation topics and has a particular passion for responsible gambling, gambling addiction recovery, and women’s sports. She served as a panelist at the All-American Sports Betting Summit last year, discussing the ever-evolving role of women in the gambling industry.

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Dan Holmes

PlayMA Contributor: Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes is a contributor for PlayMA with plenty of experience under his belt. He extensively covered the launch of sports betting in Massachusetts, and he’s still tuned into every Massachusetts Gaming Commission meeting. Dan has written three books about sports and previously worked for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Major League Baseball.

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PlayMA Contributor: Mike Breen

Mike Breen is an Ohio-based professional writer who has more than two decades of experience covering sports, news, music, arts and culture. He has covered online sports betting, responsible gambling, and other gambling initiatives for a variety of markets over the last couple of years. That now includes PlayMA.

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Cheryl Coward, playma.com

PlayMA Contributor: Cheryl Coward

Cheryl Coward is a contributor for PlayMA with a background in sports journalism. She started her career as a news reporter in Washington, DC. She was a key component of PlayMA‘s coverage of Massachusetts sportsbooks launching, and she continues to pay close attention to sports betting in the Commonwealth. She’s a die-hard women’s basketball fanatic and founded the website Hoopfeed.com as a result of that passion.

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Adam Hensley, playma.com

PlayMA Contributor: Adam Hensley

Adam Hensley is a journalist from Des Moines, Iowa, with experience covering online sports betting and gambling across Catena Media. His byline has appeared in the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated and sites within the USA Today Network.

Read more about Adam Hensley

Ian St Clair

Content Manager: Ian St. Clair

Ian St. Clair is a content manager for PlayMA and Catena Media. He is an award-winning journalist with nearly a decade of experience at newspapers in Wyoming and Colorado, where he wrote about rodeo, gymnastics and the actors who portrayed Scrooge in productions across the Front Range. He broke into the gambling industry right as Colorado launched legal sports betting in 2020 and is now widely considered a leading expert. Ian has managed sites for some of the biggest gambling markets in North America, all while trying to maintain inter-office relations with his two cat-workers, Cheech and Chong.

Read more about Ian St. Clair 

Want to join us?

We’re moving on up! PlayMA and Catena Media are always looking for folks who are passionate about gambling and can turn a decent phrase. If you want to join us, drop us a line or take a look at our careers page. All of our positions are completely remote and can be filled from anywhere. Whether you are a Massachusetts resident or just visiting the Bay State, we may have opportunities for you to pursue.

How to contact PlayMA

If you are a fellow media person and you need more information, you should get in touch with Matthew Bain, our Content Manager. He’s the best person to get you the details that you need or connect you with the person who has them.

If you are one of our readers, we want to hear from you directly. Here’s our email address. If something you read sounds off the mark, if you have an interest in working with us, or you just want to tell us what a great job we’re doing (especially this one), reach out and let us know.

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