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Sportsbook action on the NBA trails only the NFL in popularity and volume. It might even overtake the NFL in the near future as it’s the most popular market for new bettors now, too.

If sports betting becomes legal in Massachusetts, where will the best NBA action be? Where can you bet on Jayson Tatum to go off for 30 or the Celtics to win the East? What are the best NBA betting sites? See below.

Top NBA betting sites in Massachusetts

When legal online sportsbooks arrive in Massachusetts, these will be some of the best options for online NBA betting that could launch in the state.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is one of the biggest sportsbook brands in the country. As an added bonus, its headquarters is in Boston.

One of the biggest strengths of DraftKings, especially for NBA action, is its live betting platform FlashBet. FlashBet makes it very easy to bet on games at any point in the action.

When it comes to the NBA, that’s a big deal because scores change quickly, and live bettors look for that perfect moment to squeeze a bet in.

With that in mind, the DraftKings Sportsbook app may be your best option. Here are some of its other strong points:

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is another big national brand likely to launch in MA. With the FanDuel Massachusetts Sportsbook app, you can buy up to 14 points on an NBA teaser. Here’s an example of a teaser:

Let’s say that the Boston Celtics are favored by three points (-3) against the Los Angeles Lakers. If you want to buy or tease points, you have the option of betting on the Celtics to do anything other than lose by more than 11 points, effectively flipping the spread to +11 in that situation.

The only catch is that you will not make a lot of money by buying that many points as security. Still, there is no better sportsbook for those who like to play big teasers in the NBA. Here are some other strong points:

  • TNT Thursdays promo.
  • NBA Finals, conference and division winner futures.
  • Odds and parlay boosts.

BetMGM Sportsbook

One thing BetMGM does particularly well is lay out alternate NBA lines, which let you bet on a team winning by an exact range of points.

So, let’s say that you think the Celtics will beat the Los Angeles Lakers, but it’ll be a close game. The BetMGM Massachusetts Sportsbook app can give you a range of one to six points for the spread as option.

Here are some other strengths of the MGM app for NBA odds:

  • Frequently updated futures for NBA player awards.
  • Betting on the state and division where the next NBA champ will come from.
  • Daily odds boosts and specials on specific NBA games.

NBA odds boosts and promos

Odds boosts and promotions offer you a chance to win more money on your NBA bets if you grab them at the right time (and then win the bet). So, what are some of the best options out there?

FanDuel has offered a TNT Thursdays promotion. This promo allows you to place a same-game parlay wager of $10 or more and regardless of the outcome, you’ll receive a $10 site credit.

However, there are some catches. The first is that your bet has to be a minimum of $10. Then, your bet has to have at least three legs with odds of +400 or higher. Still, it is essentially a risk-free bet that you can take advantage of if you play your cards right.

Another perk geared toward new users is BetMGM’s 3-pointer promo. When the promo is available, if you bet $10 on an NBA game, you can win $200 in bonus funds if the team of your choice makes a 3-pointer. It doesn’t matter whether your team wins or loses the game.

How to get an NBA betting account online

If you want to bet on the NBA online when the best online betting sites become legal in Massachusetts, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose a sportsbook. Once you do that, here are the next steps:

  • Download the sportsbook’s app or visit its website.
  • Create an account.
  • Claim any promos and bonuses.
  • Deposit money and start betting.

You’ll need to provide personal information like your name, age and banking or credit card details to transfer money into the account. Once you have all of that information accounted for, you are ready to place your first bet.

How to read NBA betting lines

Listings for NBA games follow virtually the same format at all sportsbooks. The following are the main ways for you to bet on NBA games online:

NBA spread bets

Spread bets require a team to either win by a certain amount of points or lose by less than that amount (or win by any score).

Say tonight’s Celtics odds show they’re favored by five points over the New York Knicks. In this case, the spread would be Boston Celtics -5. If Boston were to win by only four points, you would lose the bet if you had the Celtics covering the spread. The Celtics would have to win by six points or more for you to win the bet.

Spread bets can help bring odds down on big favorites or give you a fighting chance to win a bet with a big underdog.

NBA moneyline bets

The moneyline is a little more straightforward than the spread. This is because all you care about is which team wins the game.

So, in the above scenario, you may decide to take the Celtics’ moneyline instead of giving up five points against the Knicks. This means the Celtics would only have to win the game rather than cover a spread. If the Celtics did beat the Knicks by four points, you would win your moneyline bet because Boston won the game.

NBA over/unders

Another route you can go for NBA betting is predicting the point total of a game. This is what bettors call the over/under. In an over/under bet, you decide whether the two teams playing will combine to score more or fewer points than the point total that the sportsbook has set.

Let’s say that with the Celtics vs. Knicks, the sportsbook has the line at 212.5. If you bet under, you’re betting that both teams will combine for 212 points or fewer. If you bet over, you’re predicting that the Celtics and Knicks will combine for more than 212 total points.

NBA alternate lines

An alternate line offers a different spread or point total than the one the sportsbook has as its main listing. Bettors can buy points or sell points to get better odds.

If you move the line from Celtics -5 to Celtics -1 on the spread, you will be in line to make less of a return on your wager, but your bet has a much higher chance of winning.

How to find the best NBA lines

Before the game begins, your best bet to finding the right NBA lines for you is to review all of your options. If Massachusetts decides to allow wagering on sports, this would mean checking different online betting sites in MA before a game starts to see if one offers a better deal than the others.

For example, DraftKings may have the Celtics as -5 favorites on the spread at -115 odds. This means you would have to wager $115 to win $100. But, FanDuel may have the Celtics at -5 and odds of -110. Meaning you’d only have to risk $110 for a chance to win the same amount.

NBA props and futures

A futures bet is a prediction of how a team or individual will perform throughout the season. For example, you can bet on Boston to make a run in the playoffs or on any team’s expected Win Totals over the season.

As for prop bets, you have the option to bet on smaller aspects within a game, such as whether certain circumstances will come to pass, total stats for one of the teams or the performance of individual players. This might mean predicting point totals, assists or rebounds, for instance.

You might be able to, say, bet on the Celtics’ Jayson Tatum to have over/under 25.5 points in a game. These can be great options if you are more confident in an individual player having an impressive or lackluster performance rather than the team. See tonight’s live NBA player prop odds.

Live betting on the NBA

One of the standout ways to bet on the NBA is live betting. Because a basketball game can change rapidly, perhaps more than any other sport, in game betting odds give you a chance to factor in how a team is playing in real time and place a spread, moneyline, over/under or prop bet while the game is happening.

So, if the Celtics came into a game against the Knicks as five-point favorites and started off by giving up 10 straight points to New York, that would knock the in-game spread down. If you believe the Celtics will come back in that game, now would be the time to strike. Instead of getting the Celtics at -5, you might get them at -1.

The same applies to player props, as well. If Tatum’s over/under point total was 25 before the game and he got shut out in the first quarter, you might be able to get a lower point total in the second quarter. Here are some things that you can bet on live:

  • The point spread and moneyline
  • Over/under
  • Quarter and second-half bets
  • Player and game props

What sets NBA betting apart?

Truthfully, what makes NBA betting special is how quickly a game can change compared to other sports. There is arguably no better sport to bet on live because of how easily momentum can shift in a basketball game.

There are scoring streaks and scoring droughts all of the time that can affect the lines you can bet on. If you are smart enough and patient enough as a bettor, you will get an opportunity to strike.

Plus, basketball is a star-driven league, and betting on the sport certainly gives you more than enough chances to support individual players rather than just a team.

NBA betting rules at sportsbooks

The NBA is like most sports and must follow the same general rules at sportsbooks. Some specific things may vary, such as how many points you can buy with a teaser and when you can cash out on a bet if your team isn’t playing well. Here are some of the basic rules for NBA betting at online sportsbooks:

  • In most states where sports betting is legal, you must be 21 or older.
  • Must be physically located in the state where the sportsbook can legally operate.
  • Bets include overtime.
  • Games must be official for player props to count. (Games must last at least 43 minutes to be considered official.)
  • If the player is listed as inactive, then any props involving that player will be void.
  • Teams must play in all scheduled regular-season games for futures bets to be valid.
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