What Is Live Betting & Micro Betting on Sports?

In game betting is quickly replacing traditional pregame betting as the most common form of sports wagering. Betting on live games, in fact, will drive up to 70% of the betting at sportsbooks in the US by 2023 according to a recent report.

Traditionally known as live betting, it allows you to bet on lines that shift and update as a game plays out. Also known as “micro betting,” live sportsbook odds include everything from whether the next pitch will be a ball or strike to whether the next field goal attempt will be a make or a miss to whether a team will come back to win a game it’s trailing.

Here’s how to optimize your in game and micro betting if and when Massachusetts allows legal online sportsbooks in the state.

Potential MA sportsbooks offering live and micro betting

Here are some of the top sports betting apps that could launch in Massachusetts, along with their live betting options.

FanDuel Sportsbook

There are some tremendous live offerings on the FanDuel Sportsbook app. A nice feature includes a “popular” bets tab that provides updated point spreads, over/under point totals and props. Here are some of the main options you’ll find:

  • Adjusted game lines
  • Adjusted player prop bets
  • Win margin bets (team X to win by five or more, 10 or more, etc.)
  • Win margin bands (team X to win by six to 10 points, etc.)
  • Live parlays that combine the above options

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings offers many similar in game bets, including adjusted odds, game lines and second-half lines. The DraftKings Sportsbook app stands out with the most versatile array of player prop bets. Here are some of the live wagers you can place:

  • Player props for nearly every statistical category
  • Player props for obscure players
  • Scoring bands for players within a given quarter (player X to score between four and six points in the third quarter)
  • Race to X points
  • Scoring method for next points

The “Flash Props” tab makes all live bets easy to navigate and construct.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM has many compelling in game betting options for point totals and win margins:

  • Adjusted lines for the rest of the game
  • Adjusted lines for the next quarter (or inning/period)
  • Win margin bands for the next quarter
  • Adjusted over/under lines for the game
  • Adjusted over/under lines for next quarter/half

One noticeable aspect of live betting on the BetMGM Massachusetts app is that while it offers plenty of game props, it does not have nearly as extensive a selection of player props as FanDuel or DraftKings.


  • FanDuel is great for live parlays, with an extensive combination of game and player props.
  • DraftKings has the most player props, with over/under lines for more obscure players and stats.
  • BetMGM provides a solid variety of game props and win margin predictions but lacks the same array of player prop options.

How do I place live bets?

To make bets in the middle of a game, you need an active and funded account with a sportsbook that offers live-betting options.

When you log into your sportsbook account via an app or website in the middle of a game, you will see the updated live betting lines. There will also be several prop bets (next player to score a touchdown, first team to score 10 points in the second half, etc.).

If you have an account with multiple sportsbooks, it’s good to cross-reference the live lines and prop bets to find the best available odds.

Types of live bets by sport

Most betting options available before the game are also available during the game, although the odds will likely have changed based on what has happened so far.

For instance, if you’re watching a football game and the favorite is behind by 14 points after the first quarter, you may be able to get that team at positive odds to win outright. In addition to increased/juiced moneyline odds, the point spreads can change dramatically throughout a game, as can the over/under lines.

In addition to betting on overall game outcomes, you can also make bets on second-half lines or the winners of the next quarter/period/inning and over/unders. Other prop bets include betting on which team will score next, what type of score will happen next and which team will reach a specific point total first. You can also bet on individual player props, including over/unders for the rest of the game.

While some prop bets will set over/under lines, some may be as simple as betting on a yes or no result. Examples of these bets might include:

  • Travis Kelce to score a touchdown
  • Joel Embiid to make a 3-pointer

Here are some of the most common live bets/prop bets by sport:


  • Next player to score a touchdown or next team to score
  • Next type of score (pass/rush/special teams)
  • Quarterback passing yards/TDs for the rest of the game
  • Team X to score on the next possession (y/n)
  • Player X to score a touchdown (y/n)


  • Player X points scored rest of game (over/under)
  • Next player to hit a 3-pointer
  • Player X to get a triple-double (y/n)
  • Next team to hit a 3-pointer
  • Point spread or over/under for the next quarter


  • Team X to score next inning (y/n)
  • Next inning run line
  • Next inning over/under
  • Pitcher X strikeouts (over/under)
  • Player X to get a hit next time up (y/n)
  • Game to go extra innings (y/n)


  • Next team to score
  • Next period puck line or over/under
  • Player X to score (y/n)
  • Goalie saves, rest of game
  • Game to go to overtime

Can you make in game parlays?

There are several same-game parlays you can make that combine game and player props, game lines and over/unders.

However, sportsbooks will not allow you to parlay bets that are essentially on the same thing. For instance, in a tie game, you cannot parlay “winner of the fourth quarter” with the overall game moneyline because that amounts to juicing the odds on the same bet. Bets have to be distinctly different from one another to make a parlay.

Some books will allow you to make in game parlays across multiple games, while others will limit you to just one game.

Where to find live betting and micro betting options at online sportsbooks

It’s straightforward to locate the live betting area on most major sportsbooks. When you go to the page for a particular sport, you’ll see live lines along with lines for upcoming games.

You can bet on adjusted lines, moneyline odds and over/unders on the main page. Each game will also have some form of tab with more betting options. If you click on that, it will take you to a series of bets for a particular game, and you can choose from a range of selections.

Depending on the game or the sport, you may need to make your bets quickly, as the action will dictate how odds shift in real time. It’s best to familiarize yourself with the live sports betting options in your app before the contest starts so that you can start planning out your bets as the action unfolds. Bets take only a few seconds to make, and as soon as you submit your ticket, your bet is active.

Which sports are best for in game betting?

Many sports have intriguing live betting options. Here are some of the best:


With slight pauses and stoppages after each play, NFL live betting is an excellent option, offering all kinds of possibilities. There is plenty of time to consider bets on the moneyline, adjusted point spreads and over/unders.

Football has a lot of variance because of large rosters and different types of plays/scores, allowing you to get creative with your bets. Football also offers some fantastic live NFL player props ranging from adjusted over/unders on yards gained to touchdown odds.


Given the fast pace of play and frequent scoring chances, basketball is a little more challenging to bet on when it comes to game lines and over/unders, but you can still get some pretty favorable odds if you act quick.

Betting on player props in basketball can be a particularly appealing option as you may be able to ride a hot shooter or back a team with momentum as it tries to sneak a victory. There are some solid options with NBA live betting.


Tennis is another good sport to bet on as the action is playing out. You can often find more favorable betting odds once a tennis match has started. For example, you may want to bet on a favorite if that player falls behind by a couple of games or a set. Tennis betting odds also provide some fun micro betting options on the next game or set, along with win margins, aces and unforced errors.


Given the slower pace of this sport, it is easy to place live bets on golf once a round has started. Betting on updated odds after day one or two of a golf tournament may allow you to find some pretty favorable odds. You can also get creative with micro bets on who will win between just two golfers (or a small group), round leaders or a player’s score on the next hole.

What are the most popular or profitable in game bets?

Some of the best live bets can be moneylines, where you can bet on a come-from-behind win or an upset in a tight game. It can also be profitable to ride the hot hand by backing props on a player who is performing well.

You can also use live wagers to middle or hedge your pregame bets.

What are the risks of in game betting?

One challenging aspect of betting on live games is that the odds can change quickly during live events, so you have less time to research or cross-reference a bet before it may change or disappear. This can potentially lend itself to some ill-advised bets.

Given the shorter time frame, in game player props can be even more susceptible to injuries or coaching decisions.

How to download sportsbook apps for live and micro betting

It is easy to find and install sportsbook apps on your phone and start betting. Generally, if you visit an online sportsbook on a mobile device, you will find a button or link to the appropriate store page to download the sportsbook app for iOS or Android.

Once you download the app, you will have to sign up and register. Before depositing any money, you should always read through the terms and conditions. Then, you can choose a bonus, deposit funds and access live betting options.

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