Boston Red Sox Betting Odds

How to bet on sports in Massachusetts

It is no secret that sports fans in Massachusetts love their baseball. The Boston Red Sox have one of the most loyal fan bases in all of sports, and they are energized for every single game throughout the course of the 162-game season.

Red Sox fans have another reason to be excited for the start of the 2023 MLB season, as sports betting in Massachusetts is now legal. Bets have to be placed in person right now, but MA mobile betting apps are expected to be live before the start of the season. At full capacity, baseball fans in Massachusetts will have their pick of some of the top US sportsbooks, as well as many types of wagers to consider.

Whether you prefer to bet in person or online, this page will serve as your one-stop shop for Red Sox betting action in Massachusetts.

Betting On The Red Sox In Massachusetts

Retail sports betting in Massachusetts launched on January 31. Bets can now be placed at three Massachusetts casinos: MGM Springfield, Encore Boston Harbor, and Plainridge Park Casino. Baseball season is still a bit away, but you can now place Red Sox bets (and MLB bets in general) at all three of these locations. Obviously odds for individual games are not yet available, but you can place MLB and Red Sox futures bets.

Betting in person is certainly a great experience, but the launch of MA mobile betting apps will take the industry to the next level. There is no official launch date at this time, but mobile betting is expected to launch in late February or early March. This would mean that baseball fans can place wagers throughout the course of the upcoming 2023 MLB season!

At full capacity, Massachusetts could feature up to 15 mobile sportsbooks. So far, 11 have been claimed and approved by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC). They are: DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars, BetFanatics, WynnBET, PointsBet, Bally Bet, Betr, Barstool, and Betway.

All of these platforms are sure to offer MLB betting odds for all 162 regular season games, as well as the playoffs and World Series.

Best MLB Betting Sites In Massachusetts

It is certainly an exciting time to be a baseball fan in Massachusetts. Retail betting is now available, and soon, some of the top mobile sportsbooks will be available in the Bay State.

But which mobile betting apps are best for MLB betting? Which ones offer the best Red Sox odds? Let’s take a closer look at three mobile sportsbook apps coming to Massachusetts that are great for baseball betting:

DraftKings Sportsbook MA

DraftKings is one of the biggest sportsbook brands in the country. As an added bonus, its headquarters is in Boston. One of the biggest strengths of DraftKings, especially for MLB betting, is the market depth. There is truly something for everyone. On the DraftKings MA Sportsbook app you can find up-to-the-minute Red Sox moneylines, run lines and totals. In addition to these popular MLB bets, you can find plenty of player props and put together a same-game parlay using DraftKings’ same-game parlay builder. There are also plenty of live betting or micro betting options.

With all of this in mind, the DraftKings Sportsbook app may be your best option when it comes to MLB and Red Sox betting in Massachusetts.

FanDuel Sportsbook MA

The FanDuel MA Sportsbook app has a simple, user-friendly interface for MLB betting with plenty of odds markets. FanDuel offers odds for all MLB regular season, playoff, and World Series games. It also has a vast prop betting market. Much like DraftKings, FanDuel also offers a dedicated parlay builder for every MLB game.

FanDuel is known for featuring extremely competitive odds, especially on underdogs. This means that users could potentially earn a bigger payout should those underdogs be victorious. So, if the Red Sox are underdogs this season, it may be worthwhile to use the FanDuel Sportsbook app to place your bets.

Caesars Sportsbook MA

Like both DraftKings and FanDuel, the Caesars MA Sportsbook app features competitive odds and lines for all regular season, playoff, and World Series games. It also has extensive prop markets available. However, what makes Caesars stand out is its rewards program, Caesars Rewards. It is among the best rewards programs out there.

So, if you are a frequent bettor, it may be advantageous to download the Caesars Sportsbook app and start building up your rewards.

Types of MLB Bets

When it comes to MLB betting, the list of bets that are available is seemingly endless. But, there are some that are more popular than others. Standard baseball bets start with the moneyline, run line and total (over/under). These are the most common type of MLB wagers, and the main options you’ll see for Red Sox game listings at online sportsbooks. Let’s break them down:

  • Moneyline: A moneyline bet is a wager on a team to win regardless of the victory margin. The amount you stand to win depends on the odds at the time of your bet.
  • Run line: A run line bet is a point spread bet. You bet on the favorite to win by a certain margin or more, or you bet on the underdog to avoid losing by the same margin.
  • Total: Bet on the combined number of runs the two teams in the game will score. The sportsbook will set a line, and you can wager on the combined score ending up over or under that line.

Red Sox Team And Player Props

You’re not limited to the standard bets from above, either. You can also place a variety of prop bets on various Red Sox team and player accomplishments, such as the following:

  • Team total: Does today look like a day when the Red Sox offense should have success? You could bet the game over/under, but you don’t have much of an idea about the opposing offense. With this prop, you’re betting on how many runs the Red Sox will score by themselves.
  • Player strikeouts: Bet on the total number of Ks the Red Sox starting pitcher will end up with for the game.
  • Player home runs: Is there a left-handed pull-hitter in the Sox lineup who you think should feast on the short-porch right field in Yankee Stadium? If so, you could bet on that player to blast a home run.
  • Cy Young Award/MVP: If you believe in any Red Sox player enough to see them crowned the best pitcher or position player in the league, you can find Cy Young odds and MLB MVP odds at virtually every sportsbook.
  • MLB Win Totals odds: A fun futures bet, you can bet the over/under on the total number of wins a team will have throughout the course of the season.

Red Sox Alternate Lines And Parlays

When betting on Red Sox moneylines, run lines, or totals, you can search for alternate lines to find numbers that match the bet you want to make.

For example, consider a game in which you think the Red Sox are going to blow the other team out. An alternate line could give you more profitable odds if your bet ends up winning. Confident that this will be a blow-out game, instead of betting on the Red Sox run line -1.5 at -120 odds, you could bet them -3.5 at +300 odds.

If you stick to the standard numbers but would still like to take a risk for more profit, you can create a parlay. This type of bet combines two or more wagers for bigger potential payouts. Each bet in a parlay is a leg, and you must get each leg correct to win the parlay. Most sportsbooks also offer same-game parlays for MLB games.

Live Betting On The Red Sox

Online betting liberated players from having to get their moneyline, run line and total bets in before the first pitch. You can now bet on the Red Sox or any other MLB team live during a game.

The odds and available bets will shift depending on the score and situation. For example, if the Red Sox have odds of -130 on the moneyline before the game, but they go down 4-0 in the 3rd inning, their live moneyline odds may shift to +400. If you think they can come back and win, you can bet them at +400. Odds across the board will move, too, including the run line and the total.

Your options aren’t limited to in-game moneylines, run lines and totals, either. You can also bet batter to batter on specific at-bat outcomes.

Boston Red Sox World Series Betting Odds

The Boston Red Sox have won the World Series nine times in franchise history. The most recent World Series title came in 2018. After a disappointing 2022 season, the Red Sox are looking to right the ship and enter the 2023 season with higher expectations.

The chart below shows Boston’s betting odds at various Massachusetts sportsbooks heading into the 2023 season:

 World Series OddsAmerican League OddsAL East OddsRegular Season Wins
DraftKings MA+6000+2800+1900Over 77.5 (-110)
Under 77.5 (-110)
FanDuel MA+5000+3500+2000Over 78.5 (-110)
Under 78.5 (-110)
Caesars MA+7500+3500+1800Over 77.5 (-110)
Under 77.5 (-110)
BetMGM MA+8000+3500+2000Over 77.5 (-110)
Under 77.5 (-110)

Keep in mind that these odds are subject to change up until the season starts. In addition, futures odds can fluctuate throughout the course of the season as well. However, if you place a bet and the odds or line changes afterwards, the number you got is still valid and your bet will not change.

Boston Red Sox Home Games

The Boston Red Sox have called Fenway Park home for over a century. Designed by architect James McLaughlin and constructed in 1912 for $650,000, Fenway Park is the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball.

  • Fenway’s most famous feature, the Green Monster, is a 37-foot-high wall in left field.
  • Then-owner Tom Yawkey commissioned the construction of the Green Monster in 1934 to prevent fans from watching the games for free.
  • Ted Williams is credited with hitting the longest home run in Fenway Park history, at an official distance of 502 feet. A solitary red chair denotes the exact spot in the stands where the ball landed.
  • Seating capacity is 37,305 during day games and 37,755 for night games.
  • The deepest part of the park is right-center, extending 420 feet from home plate.
  • The shallowest part of Fenway is right field, at 302 feet to Pesky’s Pole.

Because of its age and history, Fenway remains a bucket-list destination for baseball fans. It’s a shrine to the game and the same park where Red Sox greats like Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski and David Ortiz all played.

Fenway Park Seating Chart

Are you ready to experience baseball history with a trip to Fenway Park? Prepare to spend some money.

Because of the team’s popularity, the limited capacity compared to some parks and the tourist demand, tickets to a Red Sox game can get pricey. Pre-COVID-19, 2019 ticket prices ranged from $21.14 to $161.14 for private field boxes.

red sox seating chart

Image via TicketLiquidator.

Baseball Betting Tips For Fenway Park

Because of its dimensions, Fenway Park has been one of the most consistent run-producing ballparks in the game. The Green Monster in left can turn a routine fly ball into a single or double off the wall, or a home run over it. The park’s short corners are the things great hitters dream of and even the best pitchers fear.

During the 2021 season, players hit 219 home runs in Fenway, tied for eighth most in MLB with Yankee Stadium. Fenway also ranks second to Coors Field in the park factors metric by Statcast.

Given the number of runs and homers, overs can be solid bets for games at Fenway Park. Additionally, the dimensions could influence prop bets like player home runs and player hits. Check your sportsbook’s MLB betting rules for more specific MLB betting quirks.

Red Sox Logo And Mascot

Though the Red Sox have had seven logos throughout their history, since 1931, their primary logo features a pair of hanging red stockings or socks.

Until 1907, the Boston team did not have an official name. It was unofficially known as the “Americans” until then-owner John I. Taylor decided to add bright red socks to the team’s white home uniform. Taylor himself started calling his team the Red Sox in 1908.

Wally the Green Monster is the official Red Sox mascot, but his history is much shorter than many other team mascots.

Wally, named after the famous left-field wall, debuted in 1997 to fury among traditionalist Red Sox fans. The mascot received an enormous amount of boos during his first season. These days, however, Wally is a generally accepted and kid-friendly addition to the Red Sox.

Red Sox Retired Numbers

Fenway Park is a baseball shrine. The Sox have retired 11 numbers, and those numbers stand above Fenway’s right-field wall.

  • Wade Boggs, 3B, 26
  • Joe Cronin, SS, 4
  • Bobby Doerr, 2B, 1
  • Carlton Fisk, C, 27
  • Pedro Martinez, P, 45
  • David Ortiz, DH, 34
  • Johnny Pesky, 3B/SS, 6
  • Jim Rice, LF, 14
  • Ted Williams, LF, 9
  • Carl Yastrzemski, LF, 8
  • Jackie Robinson, 2B/3B/1B, 42 (retired by all MLB teams)

These players represent the best of the Red Sox, but many other legends spent time in Boston. Manny Ramirez was considered the most dangerous right-handed hitter during his playing time in Boston. Pitcher Roger Clemens spent the first part of his career in Boston, winning three Cy Young Awards.

And don’t forget Babe Ruth, who played several years in Fenway before the Sox sold him to the Yankees for $100,000 in 1919.

Red Sox All-Time Leaders

You’d expect to find famous names among the all-time Boston franchise leaders, given the number of legends who played for the Red Sox. You’d be correct. The Sox franchise record book reads like a who’s who of some of the game’s greats.

  • Batting average: Ted Williams, .344
  • Hits: Carl Yastrzemski, 3,419
  • Home runs: Ted Williams, 521
  • RBI: Carl Yastrzemski, 1,844
  • Wins: Cy Young/Roger Clemens, 192
  • ERA: Joe Wood, 1.99
  • Strikeouts: Roger Clemens, 2,590
  • Saves: Jonathan Papelbon, 219

Boston Red Sox Betting FAQs

Does Fenway Park have a sportsbook?

Not at this time, but that could change. In 2021, DraftKings became the official daily fantasy sports provider for the Red Sox. Because of this, the company likely would have the inside track to becoming the official sports betting partner of the Red Sox, as well.

Where can I bet on the Red Sox in person in Massachusetts?

Right now, baseball fans in Massachusetts can place bets on the Red Sox (and all MLB teams) at MGM Springfield, Encore Boston Harbor, and Plainridge Park Casino. All three facilities have a wide variety of MLB futures bets available, and they will offer odds and lines for each individual game once the season starts.

What mobile betting apps can I use to bet on the Red Sox?

The mobile betting industry has yet to launch in Massachusetts, meaning mobile betting apps aren’t available right now. However, that will change soon, as mobile sportsbook apps are expected to go live in Massachusetts in late February or early March. Sportsbook apps coming to the Bay State include DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars, BetFanatics, WynnBET, PointsBet, Bally Bet, Betr, Barstool, and Betway. Other companies may be added to the mix in the coming months.

Who owns the Red Sox?

The Fenway Sports Group is the current owner of the Boston Red Sox. Billionaire John Henry is the group’s main shareholder. He purchased the Red Sox in 1999 for $695 million. Following its success with the Red Sox, FSG also purchased the Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League, and it recently bought the Pittsburgh Penguins for $900 million.

Where can I watch or stream Red Sox games online?

Most regular-season Red Sox games are on the New England Sports Network, available through cable and satellite providers. If you live in the New England region and subscribe to a cable/satellite provider, you can also sign up for NESN’s streaming platform, NESN+.

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