Massachusetts Lottery

For nearly half of a century, Massachusetts residents have enjoyed legal gambling in the form of the Massachusetts Lottery. Over that same period of time, billions of dollars have gone to support local and state agencies that work to improve the quality of life for residents. Of course, a lot of those residents have enjoyed some winnings in nearly 50 years of operation, too. That’s what keeps players coming back year after year.

We’ll look at that history, what the MA Lottery offers in the present along with the technology that’s taking it into the future. You can also find details on how to play and how to find out if you’ve won. These may be games of pure chance, but you should feel more prepared to spend wisely on your plays with all this information.

What does the Massachusetts Lottery offer?

The MA Lottery offers several different ways to play and win. It endeavors to make playing convenient via thousands of retail partners and vending machines. The games include draws, instant wins, and pull-tab titles. You can also play variants of Bingo and Keno through the lottery. The lottery offers player services like a subscription service for certain games and a VIP Club too.

VIP Club members enjoy priority notifications about jackpot increases, new games, and promotions. They also get access to second-chance drawings for non-winning tickets. It’s free to register for the club. On the subscription service, called “Season Tickets,” players pay a fee and then get regular tickets sent to them in the mail. Players can buy season tickets and/or register for the VIP Club on the MA Lottery’s website.

Powerball and Mega Millions

The Massachusetts Lottery is one of the entities that comprise the Multi-State Lottery Corporation. Because of that participation, MA Lottery retailers sell tickets for two of the most popular draw-style games in North America, Mega Millions and Powerball. These games have become so popular because of their progressive jackpots, which have soared past $1 billion in the past. In fact, it was a Massachusetts woman who won a then-record $758.7 million Powerball jackpot in 2017.

Mega Millions

Tickets for this game cost $2 each, but you can add the Megaplier for an extra dollar. Doing so will potentially multiply the value of your non-jackpot winnings, up to 5X. The object of the game is to have all five of the regular numbers and the Mega Ball number on your ticket match the corresponding numbers in the next drawing. Doing so will land the jackpot, but smaller prizes can be won matching fewer numbers. For example, you’ll get your $2 back if you match just the Mega Ball.

Drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 p.m. ET. The corporation bases beginning jackpots and roll increases between drawings on sales. Overall odds of winning a prize are 1:24. You can check your ticket to see if it’s a winner at any MA Lottery retailer as well as on the lottery’s app or website.


Powerball has a lot of similarities with Mega Millions. The main differences are the draw days, the odds, and the prize values. Just like Mega Millions, tickets cost $2 but you can add the Power Play for an extra dollar. In a similar fashion, that multiplies non-jackpot winnings’ values. Again, your ultimate goal is to have all five numbers plus the Power Ball number from the antecedent drawing match those on your ticket.

However, the maximum Power Play multiplier is 10X. Also, prizes start out at $4 for matching just the Power Ball. However, your odds are a bit longer here, sitting at 1:24.9 of winning any prize. Drawings for this game take place every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m. ET. Visit any MA Lottery retailer or the lottery’s website or use the app to check your tickets after drawings take place.

Draw games

The multi-state games aren’t the only draw-style games you can find at lottery retailers. Massachusettsans can find some titles of this type exclusive to their state. While they may not offer potential nine-figure jackpots, one of them does come with progressive jackpots of its own that would be a huge win for any player as well. Also, you can find games that offer more frequent drawings by playing MA-only games.

All or Nothing

All or Nothing boasts a great volume of drawings, as they take place roughly every four minutes from 5:04 a.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a week. To play, decide how much you want to wager, with the minimum being a dollar and the maximum being $10. Then, select 12 numbers from a range of 1 to 24 or have the computer pick for you. Finally, choose the number of drawings you want to have your play active for, up to 30.

You can also add the All or Nothing Bonus to double the price of your wager. If all or none of the numbers on your ticket match, you get the $100,000 grand prize. Smaller prizes are available for matching one through four or eight through 12 numbers, starting at $2. Overall odds are 1:4.54.

Lucky for Life

The unique element of Lucky For Life is that the top prize is $7,000 per week for the rest of your life. To play, select five numbers from 1-48 and a Lucky Ball number, ranging from 1 to 18. Of course, you can have the computer do a Quic Pic for you instead if you like. Each play costs $2. You can opt to make your play active for multiple draws if you want, too.

If your play matches all five numbers plus the Lucky Ball, you win the grand prize. Prizes start at $4 and the overall odds are 1:7.8. Drawings take place every Monday and Thursday at 10:38 p.m.

Mass Cash

For just a dollar, you get a chance at up to $100,000 playing Mass Cash. This is a simple play, as you need to just select five numbers from 1-35 if you opt not to do a Quic Pic. As with most other games, you can choose to activate your picks for more than one drawing. Overall odds of winning a prize are 1:72 and start out with $10 by matching three of the five drawn numbers. Drawings for this game take place every night at 10 p.m.

MegaBucks Doubler

Another $1 game, MegaBucks Doubler has six numbers to match. The range is 1 to 49 and you get a shot at a progressive jackpot here. You can add the Doubler for an extra dollar to each play. Prizes start at $2 without the Doubler or $4 with it for matching half of the numbers. The lottery draws for this game every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 p.m. Jackpots start at $500,000 and the Doubler only multiplies non-jackpot winnings.

The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game is the cheapest game the MA lottery offers, starting at just $0.25 per play. Pick four numbers between zero and nine, then decide how you want to play them. You’ll also need to decide which drawing time you want the play for, as this game gets drawn at 12:55 p.m. and 7:57 p.m. daily. You can choose both drawings, though. The odds and prize values fluctuate not only based on how many numbers you match but how you play your numbers. This is a pari-mutuel game, so how much you win depends on the size of the pool for the appropriate drawing.


The appeal of these games is that you don’t have to wait for a drawing to see if you’ve won. Just grab a coin, scratch the card, and find out. These tickets come at a variety of price points, with prize values escalating with the prices. The lottery offers a lot of these types of games, including:

  • Lucky 7s, $1 to win up to $10,000
  • The State of Winning, $2 to win up to $100,000
  • Treasure Hunt, $5 to win as much as $250,000
  • Decade of Dollars, $10 for a chance at $20,000 a month for 10 years
  • $10,000,000 Spectacular, $20 for the top prize mentioned in the name
  • Diamond Millions, a $30 ticket worth up to a million


Keno is a lottery card game that is not only a game of numbers but it’s also designed to let you pick the prize you want to play for. You can buy a card at any MA Lottery retailer. Select from one to 12 spots to play, then pick your numbers out of a pool of 1-80 for your chosen spot(s). Each spot has its own unique odds and prizes. Examples of plays include the 12-Spot in which, as the name suggests, you try to match 12 numbers on one spot.

After you’ve made your plays select how much you want to wager, going from $1 to $20. You can play up to 30 drawings on the same card. The lottery also allows you to add Keno Bonus for a chance to multiply your prizes up to 10 times for double your wager. Drawings for this game take place approximately every four minutes from 5:04 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily.

The Mass Lottery mobile app

The MA Lottery has an app available for both Android and iOS devices. For the latter, just search for Massachusetts Lottery in the App Store. If you’re on Android, visit the lottery’s website on your device to download. With the app, you can:

  • Check winning numbers and past results
  • Find the nearest retailer
  • Keep track of jackpot values
  • Register for the VIP Club
  • Scan your draw-style or scratcher tickets to see if you’ve won
  • Watch drawings for select games

History of the Massachusetts Lottery

The story of the lottery in the Bay State begins in the late 1960s when interested parties began to push for it. Here are some highlights from some of the most important years for the lottery since:

  • 1971 – MA legislature enacts a law to create the lottery and benefit social services in the state
  • 1972 – Ticket sales begin on March 22, with the first drawing taking place on April 6
  • 1974 – The MA Lottery becomes the first in the nation to sell instant-win tickets
  • 1984 – Six Massachusettsans split a national record $18.2 million jackpot
  • 1988 – MA Lottery introduces Quic Pic, allowing players to purchase plays generated by computers
  • 1996 – Massachusetts is one of the first five states in the Multi-State Lottery Corporation
  • 2006 – The lottery introduces Red Sox Instant Ticket, the first such cross-branding between an MLB team and a state lottery
  • 2010 – The first Powerball tickets go on sale in Massachusetts
  • 2017 – The lottery transfers over a billion dollars to its supported causes in a year for the first time
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