Same Game Parlays

Lots of bettors dream of hitting big parlay bets and a select few every year do have that dream come true.

If anything, same-game parlays have helped increase that trend. NFL parlays, NBA parlays, and others all have the appeal of putting very little money in to potentially win a lot.

Despite the difficulty of winning, parlays are very popular in states where sports betting is already legal. In New Jersey, for example, 55.1% of the house’s profit is from parlays.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering whether same-game parlays are worth it when Massachusetts sports betting eventually legalizes. How can so many bettors be wrong, right? You might be surprised.

Which sportsbooks offer Same Game Parlays?

So what exactly is a same game parlay? Quite simply, the “same game” parlay, also known as a SGP, is when you combine multiple bets from a single game onto a single ticket. The more bets you add to the ticket, the higher your odds (and payout) will be.

Same-game parlays are particularly popular for NFL and NBA games because of the variety of bets those sports offer. Here are some of the main sportsbooks you can expect in Massacusetts and what they offer for SGPs:

DraftKings Sportsbook MA

DraftKings Sportsbook in Massachusetts‘ same game parlays allows you to bet on NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MMA, soccer, college football, and college basketball games. As for cashing out, this new feature is available for pre-game, live, future, and parlay bets on selected bets.

With same game parlay betting, you can get more access to team and player props, plus have more flexibility when altering lines such as a point spread or an over/under.

A newer feature called Same Game Parlay Extra (SGPx) allows you to combine multiple single bets and Same Game Parlays into one SGPx. Regardless of how many legs are included, an SGP bet is treated as a single pick in a parlay or round robin combination.

FanDuel Sportsbook MA

Easily one of the most popular sportsbooks out there, FanDuel’s same game parlays are a popular choice among bettors.

Through the FanDuel Sportsbook app, bettors have three different options:

  • Same Game Parlay: build your own SGP by combining two or more bets from a single game
  • Popular Same Game Parlay: you can select prebuilt and trending SGP from other bettors
  • Same Game Parlay +: a newer feature where you build your own SGP+ by combining your SGP with bets from other games

BetMGM Sportsbook MA

BetMGM sports app has offered insurance on certain parlays in the past — say if your parlay of five or more legs loses by a single leg. Currently, it features insurance for the 2022 NFL, MLB, and EPL seasons.

BetMGM online sportsbook tends to offer same-game parlays exclusively for NFL and NBA games.

Caesars Sportsbook MA

Caesars Sportsbook‘s same game parlay bet may contain up to 10 legs, but they don’t support wagers with more than 10 legs. In addition, a bet must be placed from a single game and wagers can’t be combined across multiple games.

BetRivers Sportsbook MA

The BetRivers Massachusetts Sportsbook app offers a ‘Buy Out’ option, which allows you to cash your bet out early to secure part of your winnings or cut your losses. Many other sportsbooks will only let you do up to 10 legs for a single game parlay, but BetRivers may go as high as 12.

PointsBet Sportsbook MA

PointsBet Sportsbook in Massachusetts’ SGPs are available on all AFL, NRL, NBA, NFL, NCAAB, and MLB games with more league options on the way. They allow up to 20 legs in a Live Same Game Parlay bet.

In addition, PointsBet also offers daily SGP boosts to increase your profits. It’s important to note that tokens reset every 24 hours and daily boosters don’t roll over.

Expected value and risks in parlay betting

It’s no secret that parlays are riskier compared to a regular bet because you have to get every leg of the bet right to win anything. Let’s say you have a four-leg parlay for $20, and it goes 3-1. Since it’s a parlay, you lose your $20 and win nothing. If you’d instead placed those four bets individually at $5 each, assuming -110 odds and another record of 3-1, you’d be looking at $8.65 in profit.

Also, the potential payout in relation to the true odds decreases as you add more legs. For example, with a three-leg parlay, it is typically about a 6/1 payout with 7/1 true odds.

However, for a 10-leg parlay, you get paid about 720/1 compared to the true odds being around 1,023/1. You are losing about 30% of the value here compared to less than half of that on a three-leg parlay.

What’s the optimal number of legs for a same-game parlay?

The trick with this question is that some bettors may measure the risk versus reward differently. The bigger parlays can have huge payouts, but you are more likely to win a smaller one. Using -110 odds for each leg as the standard example, let’s break it down.

2-4 leg parlays

These offer the most genuine value compared to larger parlays. But, this is especially true for the two- and three-leg parlay bets because they tend to lose less than 15% of their value from the vig compared to 25% to 30% from higher bets. Not to mention, these types of bets are much easier to win because you have fewer opportunities to be wrong.

5-8 leg parlays

The thing is, once you hit four legs, the vig starts to increase to over 25% on typical parlays compared to the true value. Parlays in this range are not far off from four, though. Plus, going from, say, a four-leg to a five-leg parlay can double your typical payout — as long as you don’t end up 4-1 on your picks and kicking yourself for adding that extra leg.

8+ leg parlays

While the benefits are the same as the above section, this asks a lot because it requires you to go 8-0 or better when it comes to picking bets. With the average odds starting at 180-1 for eight legs and going up to 720-1 for 10 legs, the percentage chance of winning this bet is almost certainly not worth it. However, it can be like winning the jackpot when you hit one of these. Bettors have, for instance, won over $1 million on a 15-leg parlay.

What is parlay insurance?

Parlay insurance protects you from losing your entire bet from one bad leg. While you do not get any of the profits, you can receive a refund of up to a certain amount. Typically, this can be from $10 to $25. Refunds are generally in site credit, meaning you need to wager it again (and win) to see any real benefit, but it’s better than losing that amount outright.

What are profit boosts?

Profit boosts are offered by sportsbooks to boost your profit if your bet ultimately wins. It typically requires you to opt in to receive the token, but it’s essentially another way sportsbooks provide you free money through their bonuses and promotions. For example, you would win $150 on a bet that would normally win $100 if a sportsbook offers 50% more winnings.

Can I cash same game parlays out early?

It depends on the sportsbook. Many may allow you to do so, but it often depends on the situation. Not every same game parlay that is placed is eligible for cash out, so check to see if your sportsbook has that feature. If it does, it allows you to secure part of your winnings or cut your losses, which can be beneficial to bettors as well as sportsbooks.

NFL vs. NBA same game parlays: Key differences

Both sports have many similar aspects, such as using point spreads, moneylines and over/unders as possible legs on these parlays. The main difference can be the player props you might be able to add.

For example, NBA players usually have props on their points, assists or rebounds. Whereas NFL players may have yards props depending on their position, touchdown passes for QBs and touchdown scores for skill players.

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