Season-Long Prop Betting Market For Patriots Defense

Written By Caleb Tallman on September 9, 2022

Excitement is in the air. The New England Patriots are set to begin the 2022-23 season this Sunday afternoon, and there are a number of key storylines to follow. Sports betting has been approved in Massachusetts, and sports fans in the state are waiting for the green light to start placing their bets. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the season-long betting market for Patriots’ team and player props on the defensive side of the ball. As a bonus, we will look at the most up-to-date odds for the Patriot’s chances of success as a team for the upcoming season. All odds via DraftKings Sportsbook.

Matthew Judon

Regular Season Sacks Leader: +3500

10.25 Sacks: Over (+100) / Under (-130)

MVP: +50000

NFL Defensive Player of the Year: +5000

The likely star of the Patriot’s Defense, Matthew Judon, had a breakout year posting the best sack total of his career last season. The question is, was the breakout year a sign of things to come, or is he closer to the single-digit sack guy he was for his first five years as a Baltimore Raven? The Patriot defense really puts Judon in a great position to put up big numbers. The over on his sack numbers is a good bet if Judon stays healthy. Judon may also have an excellent chance to compete for the NFL regular season sack title, and +3500 is strong value for a small wager. Yet without getting a little lucky and scoring multiple defensive touchdowns, defensive player of the year may be out of reach, and MVP is highly doubtful.

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Ja’Whaun Betley 

Regular Season Tackles & Assists Leader: +10000

Bentley would be a great bet to lead the Patriots in tackles if those odds were available, but leading the league is highly doubtful.

Devin McCourty

2.5 Interceptions: Over (-125) / Under (-105)

NFL Defensive Player of the Year: +20000

Devin McCourty has been a beacon of health for the entirety of his NFL career. That is a good starting point for him to chase the over of 2.5 interceptions. McCourty has averaged 3.3 interceptions a season over his last three seasons, so it is safe to say he is a decent bet to hit the over. 

Marcus Jones

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year: +10000

Jones is not currently one of the top two corners on the Patriots’ depth chart. If he could break his way into the starting lineup, his chances of winning rookie of the year would improve significantly. Not having a starting spot at the start of the season should keep bettors away from this wager, but with +10000 odds, a little sprinkling with a small wager could potentially result in a big payday.

Patriots Team Defense

Lead NFL in Regular Season Sacks: +4000

While +4000 is excellent value, even if Judon led the league in sacks, it is hard to see the Patriots having a chance to lead the league in sacks as a team. The Patriots just do not have another secondary pass rusher that is expected to come close to double-digit sack numbers. That makes it tough to back this wager.

Patriots Season Team Specials

Most Regular Season Wins: +5000

The Patriot’s defense will be solid, but the chances of hitting on this bet will be on the shoulders of Mac Jones. Could Jones take a second-year leap like Patrick Mahomes and become elite? It is possible, but leading the league in wins while playing in a division with two other potential playoff teams makes it challenging even if they win the division. 

Other Available Bets

In addition to the player and team props listed above, the NFL season brings bettors a plethora of additional betting options. Sportsbooks are always looking for new bets and new wagers to entice bettors, and the NFL betting market is the deepest and most abundant market out there. Take a look at some additional Patriots season-long bets that are now available:

  • Patriots to go Undefeated: +25000
  • Patriots vs Dolphins: Pats go 2-0 (+290), Pats go 1-1 (-110), Pats go 0-2 (+260)
  • Patriots vs Bills: Pats go 2-0 (+750), Pats go 1-1 (+110) , Pats go 0-2 (+100)
  • Patriots Division Win Total: Over 3 (+120) / Under (-150)
  • Patriots Division Finish: 1st (+500), 2nd (+175), 3rd (+165), 4th (+400)

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