Season-Long Prop Betting Market For Patriots Offensive Players

Written By Caleb Tallman on September 7, 2022

The NFL season is set to kick-off this week, and there are many different wagers available to sports bettors. One unique aspect of NFL betting is season-long player props. Let’s look at some New England Patriots and their season-long props on DraftKings Sportsbook. While season-long props can take some time to cash in on, they can also have great value. Several Patriots have exciting season-long props that might interest Massachusetts sports bettors. 

The great thing about season-long props is that they are set at an over/under number that is odds-wise near even. Meaning frequently, you can get close to or even a little better than making a dollar for each dollar wagered. We will break it down for you by the player, then the Patriots as a team, and some NFL records props worth looking at.

Mac Jones

3950.5 Passing Yards: Over (-110) / Under (-110)

23.5 Passing Touchdowns: Over (-120) / Under (+100)

12.5 Interceptions: Over (-110) / Under (-110)

MVP +6000

Offensive Player of the Year +7000

Mac Jones seems to be primed for a special year. After throwing for 3,801 yards and 22 passing touchdowns as a rookie, Jones seems to be a great bet to go over his totals for passing yards and touchdowns, as long as he stays healthy. Jones threw 13 interceptions as a rookie, and if he improves his efficiency, the under 12.5 interceptions seems a decent bet. In addition, his MVP and Offensive Player of the Year odds present excellent value. Still, one thing to remember is even in a banner year, a few New England snow games late in the season can put a damper on statistics and hurt skill players trying to win awards late in the season.

Damien Harris

825.5 Rushing Yards: Over (+100) / Under (-130)

8.5 Rushing Touchdowns: Over (+100) / Under (-130)

MVP +50000

Offensive Player of the Year +10000

Betting the over on any player besides quarterback for New England player props can be tough, given the fact that the Belichick system prides itself on spreading the ball around. Harris will start the year as the number one back. Still, in a committee, a bad game or two, or a great game from one of his counterparts could hurt his number significantly. 

DeVante Parker

695.5 Receiving Yards: Over (-115) / Under (-115)

3.5 Receiving Touchdowns: Over (-115) / Under (-115)

53.5 Receptions: Over (-115) / Under (-115)

MVP +50000

I think Parker will hit all three of his overs or all three of his unders. He seems to be a player with a very high ceiling, but also a very low floor. Simply put, he is at his best, a number one target with all the tools. The question is whether or not he will be the Devante Parker we saw in 2019, or the one he has been the rest of his career. In fairness, lesser players have had breakout years in New England in the past, so perhaps Parker can find some magic.

Jakobi Meyers

750.5 Receiving Yards: Over (-110) / Under (-120)

3.5 Receiving Touchdowns: Over (+150) / Under (-190)

65.5 Receptions: Over (-115) / Under (-115)

MVP +50000

Offensive Player of the Year +15000

Meyers coming off a season in which he totaled 83 receptions, 866 receiving yards, and two receiving touchdowns. This year, he seems capable of putting up very similar numbers. He is likely to be splitting targets with Parker, and if Parker has a big season, that could put a damper on Meyers’ numbers. But even if that happens, his overs on receiving yards and receptions seem to be good bets if he stays healthy. 

Hunter Henry

575.5 Receiving Yards: Over (-115) / Under (-115)

6.5 Receiving Touchdowns: Over (+100) / Under (-130)

50.5 Receptions: Over (-110) / Under (-120)

MVP +40000

Offensive Player of the Year +15000

Henry has gone over 575 receiving yards every year of his career except his rookie season, so his over seems like a solid bet. The same could be said for his receptions and touchdowns, but with Jonnu Smith looking to carve out a more significant role this season (his second in New England), he may steal some playing time and targets from Henry at the tight end position. That is why I recommend betting the under on Henry’s touchdowns and receptions. 

Seemingly Endless Options

In addition to the player props listed above, the NFL season brings bettors a plethora of additional betting options. Sportsbooks are always looking for new bets and new wagers to entice bettors, and the NFL betting market is the deepest and most abundant market out there. Take a look at some additional Patriots season-long bets that are now available:

  • Bill Belichick Coach of the Year +2500
  • Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson to combine for over 1500.5 Reg Season Rushing Yards (+125)
  • Hunter Henry & Jonnu Smith to combine for over 1000.5 Reg Season Receiving Yards (+200)
  • Mac Jones over 4000.5 Reg Season Passing Yards and Over 25.5 Reg Season Passing TDs (+225)
  • Jakobi Meyers and DeVante Parker to combine for over 1350.5 Reg Season Receiving Yards (+100)
  • NE Patriots to score over 385.5 Reg Season Points (+100)
  • NE Patriots To Win AFC East & Mac Jones Over 4499.5 Reg Season Pass Yards (+900)
  • NE Patriots to win all Home Games in Reg Season (+4000)

But season-long wagers are not limited to specific teams. Here are some “Season Specials” for the NFL season:

  • Any Player to Break the Record for Most Pass TDs in the Reg Season (Over 55.5 Reg Season Pass TDs) Yes +1000 No -5000
  • Any Player to Break the Record for Most Pass Yds in the Reg Season (over 5477.5 Reg season Pass Yds) Yes +250 No -350
  • Any Player to Break the Record for Most Rec Yds in the Reg Season (Over 1964.5 Reg Season Rec Yds) Yes +350 No -450
  • Any Player to Break the Record for Most Rush Yds in the Reg Season (Over 2105.5 Reg Season Rush Yds) Yes +900 No -5000
  • Any Player to Break the Record for Most TDs Scored in the Reg Season (Over 31.5 Reg Season TDs) Yes +1800 No -10000

All in all, no matter what you are looking to bet on for the 2022-23 NFL season, odds are there is something for you.

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