MGM Springfield Will Be Huge, But It’s Trying For A Boutique Experience

Written By Steve Ruddock on January 3, 2018 - Last Updated on June 6, 2022
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MGM Springfield is slated to open in September of 2018. While it may look like little more than a mass of steel at the moment, the property’s identity is starting to take shape.

The massive Massachusetts casino complex will alter the look of downtown Springfield, Massachusetts. At the same time though, it will incorporate many elements of the city’s existing architecture.

Among the interesting design details is the repurposing of existing historical buildings within the casino’s three-block footprint. This includes the repurposing of 54 residential units from existing historical buildings on the site.

But that’s not all MGM has planned.

In addition to incorporating existing buildings, MGM is bringing the historical Springfield design motif into new parts of the property.

During a public meeting with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, MGM revealed the custom carpeting in the poker room will feature subtle tire treads to pay homage to Springfield’s automotive roots.

During the meeting, MGM also revealed what the property’s public spaces and rooms will look like.

A boutique hotel in a billion-dollar casino

Instead of the typical cookie-cutter rooms found in most modern casinos, the property will boast 250 boutique hotel rooms. The resort hopes to provide visitors with a unique experience that celebrates the city’s heritage.

According to  a press release by MGM, the one-of-a-kind rooms will serve as “a nod to surrounding historical architecture spanning nearly three centuries.”

Among the design elements of the rooms are 45 varying window types and small details, such as wired glass. No two rooms are alike.

There will be also be nods to local celebrities, from Dr. Seuss and Milton Bradley to Emily Dickinson.

“The design narrative spotlights the city’s literary and industrial foundations, weaving past into present through thoughtful design details and creative references,” the press release states. “With so much intriguing history to consider, no two rooms will be the same.”

“The extraordinary details in these rooms reflect the sense of curiosity and wonder of Springfield’s history,” said Mike Mathis, president of MGM Springfield. “There was a lot to work with as it related to the city’s vibrant legacy and we hope the guestroom experience will capture that and inspire our guests to explore the resort and the city at large.”

The nuts and bolts of MGM Springfield

In addition to the 250-room, four-star boutique hotel and the residential units the company has planned, MGM Springfield will be a world-class resort casino with all the bells and whistles casino-goers desire.

The property will have:

  • 3,000 slot machines and 100 table games
  • Eight restaurants, dining options, and bars
  • 26,000 square feet of retail space
  • Entertainment options, including a bowling alley and cinema
  • A 3,375-space attached parking garage
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