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Written By Caleb Tallman on September 29, 2022 - Last Updated on August 24, 2023
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Gambling, sports betting, and everything in between are meant to be fun for players. Yet, there can come a time and place when it gets to be too much for some. Fortunately, there are a large number of resources to help problem gamblers.

One great resource is the MGM GameSense page, which offers state-specific information. The site aims to “keep gambling fun with tips and information for casino guests.” MGM Springfield in Massachusetts promotes responsible gambling as well, offering problem gambling help both in-house and on their official website.

When participating in gambling activity, it is important to remember to always play responsibly.

Diagnosing The Problem

It is essential to recognize problem gambling as a disease, and it is important to diagnose it in a timely matter. The best way to do that is to notice the warning signs of the disease. 

  • Don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. Set limits before any gambling that is within your personal budget. If you find yourself going over your limits regularly, that is a warning sign that needs to be recognized.
  • If gambling stops feeling like a game and is no longer fun but solely about winning and losing, that is an issue. It is meant to be a fun activity. If it is no longer fun, it may be time to step away. 
  • Is there a history of problem gambling within your family? Some of the brain chemistry predispositions associated with problem gambling can be hereditary.
  • Does the betting or gambling you participate in disrupt other areas of your life? Is your psychological, social, occupational, or physical being affected? If so, then it is a problem. 

A great tool that can be an initial step in diagnosing a gambling problem is the National Council on Problem Gambling Self Assessment. The platform offers many different screening tools that can be beneficial to many.

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How To Get Help

There are various resources in every state, with some that are common to most.

  • Self Disclosure Forms
    • This system allows citizens to put themselves on a list that makes it impossible for them to gamble in that state. 
    • Some of these lists are permanent, while others make it for a specified amount of time. 
  • Gambling Hotlines
    • There are many different hotlines that individuals can call, most available 24/7 if they need help. The great thing about these helplines is that they often can give further resources to help.
  • Gambling Online Chats
    • Like the phone line services, online chat services are available for those who may be more comfortable typing and not having to talk over the phone. 
  • Gambling Anonymous
    • Many groups of various forms are available all over the country for people to take part in to get help in a group therapy format. 

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More Tools And Resources

MGM offers a large number of various tools and resources to help with a variety of potential issues. 

If you are a family member of someone you think may need help, resources are available to you. The MGM Resorts GameSense Take Action page has a helpful question and answer list covering different scenarios. 

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