2024 Fenway Bowl Odds

The Fenway Bowl had a rough start. The first two editions were canceled.

It was supposed to feature teams representing the AAC and ACC, but that never happened. Still, the Fenway Bowl is set to happen every year for the foreseeable future and will be one of the few bowl games at a baseball stadium.

Below, find Fenway Bowl odds and all the betting options available at Massachusetts online sportsbooks.

2024 Fenway Bowl odds

Check below for the odds on the upcoming Fenway Bowl matchup.

Who’s playing in the Fenway Bowl?

The Fenway Bowl will feature a team representing the American Athletic Conference and the Atlantic Coast Conference. The actual two teams will depend on regular-season record, proximity, matchup history between schools and previous appearances in the Fenway Bowl.

The team representing the AAC will likely be one that had a good record but missed the conference championship game like SMU did in 2021. The Mustangs went 8-4 on the season, but just 4-4 in conference play. The football team ranked 16th at one point during the season.

Meanwhile, the ACC team will probably be a middle-of-the-conference school that barely met bowl eligibility, such as the University of Virginia in 2021. The Cavaliers also went 4-4 in conference play, but just 6-6 for the season.

The Boston College Eagles are also eligible since they play in the ACC. UMass football is independent, so won’t get a Fenway Bowl invite.

Fenway Bowl details

  • Date: TBD
  • Time: 11 a.m. EST
  • Teams/conferences: AAC versus ACC
  • Stadium/capacity: Fenway Park has a maximum seating capacity of 37,400
  • Sponsorship history: Wasabi Technologies

What channel is the Fenway Bowl on?

The Fenway Bowl will be available to watch on ESPN and ESPN+ with a subscription.

When do Fenway Bowl betting odds come out?

Along with most bowl games, the Fenway Bowl odds will be available once we have a college football bowl schedule and know which two teams will be playing. That information is usually clear by the Sunday after the conference championship games.

2024 Fenway Bowl betting lines

The Fenway Bowl will feature the same betting options as any football game. The standard college football bets should be available at almost every MA online sportsbook. Here’s a quick look at what would be the top betting options for the Fenway Bowl:

Fenway Bowl moneyline odds

The moneyline is an easy bet to grasp, as you’re just wagering on one of the two teams to win the game. The favorite will have negative odds, while the underdogs will be positive. Here’s an example of moneyline odds:

  • SMU Mustangs (+105)
  • Virginia Cavaliers (-125)

These specific numbers mean that a $100 wager on the underdog Mustangs would win you $105 in profit if SMU is victorious. For a bet on Virginia, meanwhile, a wager of $125 would put you in line to win $100 if correct, and a $100 bet would carry a potential profit of $80.

Fenway Bowl point spread odds

The point spread is an estimated margin of victory. If the favorite wins by greater than that amount, it covers the spread and bets on that side win. If the other team loses by less than the spread number or just wins the game, that is the winning side for the bet.

  • SMU Mustangs +2.5 (-110)
  • Virginia Cavaliers -2.5 (-110)

So the Cavaliers were the favorites and would have to win by more than 2.5 points to be the winning bet on the spread. Any other outcome would mean that the Mustangs were the winning side for betting purposes.

Fenway Bowl totals odds

Totals, aka over/unders, are bets on the total number of points in a game. It’s a combination of both teams’ scores and doesn’t depend on a specific team winning.

  • Over: 71.5 (-110)
  • Under: 71.5 (-110)

If you think the two offenses in the game will score 72 points or more, take the over. If not, the under would be the wager to make.

Fenway Bowl live betting

As games unfold, sportsbooks offer live sports odds that shift to reflect the events so far. They provide new spreads, lines and totals for customers to bet on.

You can check live games through the sportsbook to see how the odds have changed. If you’re out and about, a sportsbook app will keep you conveniently updated while betting on live games.

How to find Fenway Bowl odds at your sportsbook

You’ll generally be able to find college football betting options under the sportsbook’s football tab. From there, find the game you want, and the three main betting lines should be immediately available. Selecting the game will bring up all available wager options.

The Fenway Bowl should appear under that name at most sportsbooks, but knowing the participating teams will also suffice.

How to open a legal betting account

Opening an account for betting is a quick and straightforward process in a state with legal online sportsbooks. First, choose a book and enter the necessary personal information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number (last four digits)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Password
  • Security questions and answers
  1. Download the sportsbook app if you plan to place a lot of wagers via your phone or tablet. You’ll need to allow it to verify your location to prove you’re in a legal state.
  2. Sportsbooks often offer special deals to new customers, either when you create your account or make your first deposit or wager. It can be worth it to check around to see what Massachusetts sportsbook promos are available.
  3. Place your wager. A message should pop up confirming the details, and after the confirmation, you should get a slip. A slip is functionally a receipt that proves you made a bet and what the return will be if you win.

Fenway Bowl facts and figures

  • Fenway Park is the oldest active MLB ballpark, having opened in 1912.
  • The park is over 40 years older than the ACC, which formed in 1953.
  • The AAC began in 2013, over 100 years after Fenway opened.
  • The Fenway Bowl was the fourth bowl game scheduled to take place at a baseball stadium.
  • The Fenway Bowl and the Military Bowl are the only AAC vs. ACC exclusive bowl games.
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