Casinos, Sportsbook Apps In Mass Combine For $151.6 March Revenue

Written By Dan Holmes on April 21, 2023 - Last Updated on June 22, 2023
March revenue at Massachusetts casinos, from

Massachusetts casinos and online sportsbooks made a combined revenue of $151.6 million in March. As a result, the state took in $38.8 million in March gambling taxes.

Encore Boston Harbor led the way in casino gross gaming revenue, with 63% of the market from table and slots gross gaming revenue in March. MGM Springfield was second and Plainridge Park Casino was third.

Retail sports wagering dips 23% in March

In February, when mobile sports betting apps were not yet available in Massachusetts, retail operators fared better, reporting $25.7 million in wages accepted at the three casinos. But with the launch of online sports betting apps starting March 10, that figure fell by nearly a quarter.

The state collected $218,296.96 in taxes from the three casinos for retail sports betting revenue in March, which is down from a little more than $300,000 in February.

Total handle by MA retail sportsbooks in March 2023

  1. Encore Boston Harbor … $13.4 million
  2. Plainridge Park Casino … $4.8 million
  3. MGM Springfield … $1.6 million

As was the case in February, EBH led the way in bets taken, but ranked lowest by revenue hold among the three casinos, at 5.2%. By comparison, Plainridge reported a revenue hold of 12.8%. MGM Springfield was still nearly twice that of EBH, at 10.6%.

Encore Boston Harbor’s tax bill from sports betting activity in March was $100,230, based on 15% of taxable gaming revenue. Springfield paid a little over $25,000, and Plainridge was responsible for $92,172.34 to the state.

Casino gambling totaled $104 million, paying $29.5 million in taxes

The three Massachusetts casinos reported $104.5 million in slots and table gross gaming revenue for March of 2023, which brought in a little less than $30 million to the state. The taxes paid by EBH, Plainridge and MGM Springfield were $29,550,009.12 for March of 2023. That’s an increase from $27,390,625.11 in February taxes.

Encore Boston Harbor casino gaming revenue & tax report by Month

MonthSlot GGRTable GGRTotal
Slot and Table GGR
Total (25%) in collected state taxes
February 2022$31,054,019.69$23,688,641.56$54,742,661.25$13,685,665.31
March 2022$35,181,572.90$29,685,959.75$64,867,532.65$16,216,883.16
April 2022$34,118,122.32$29,620,598.98$63,738,721.30$15,934,680.33
May 2022$32,624,183.92$25,408,848.58$58,033,032.50$14,508,258.13
June 2022$31,468,282.71$28,589,032.87$60,057,315.58$15,014,328.90
July 2022$35,051,906.67$29,672,721.61$64,724,628.28$16,181,157.07
August 2022$35,372,908.84$22,711,324.56$58,084,233.40$14,521,058.35
September 2022$32,941,867.36$28,642,137.95$61,584,005.31$15,396,001.33
October 2022$33,677,401.58$28,365,680.78$62,043,082.36$15,510,770.59
November 2022$32,841,989.82$26,588,480.33$59,430,470.15$14,857,617.54
December 2022$34,984,642.31$33,475,100.78$68,459,743.09$17,114,935.77
January 2023$34,197,723.87$27,659,200.57$61,856,924.44$15,464,231.11
February 2023$32,797,874.02$29,907,304.74$62,705,178.76$15,676,294.69
March 2023$36,230,027.77$29,248,142.34$66,178,170.11$16,554,542.53

MGM Springfield casino gaming revenue & tax report by month

MonthSlot GGRTable GGRTotal
Slot and Table GGR
Total (25%) in collected state taxes
February 2022$15,711,906.08$4,220,007.75$19,931,913.83$4,982,978.46
March 2022$18,837,606.75$5,442,915.75$24,280,522.50$6,070,130.63
April 2022$18,404,598.73$4,135,430.05$22,540,028.78$5,635,007.20
May 2022$17,113,181.60$4,039,067.85$21,152,249.45$5,288,062.36
June 2022$16,936,388.21$4,209,619.31$21,146,007.52$5,286,501.88
July 2022$17,275,318.86$4,242,403.60$21,517,722.46$5,379,430.62
August 2022$17,518,085.09$4,474,746.40$21,992,831.49$5,498,207.87
September 2022$16,358,042.03$4,213,605.83$20,571,647.86$5,142,911.97
October 2022$17,980,905.48$4,917,880.59$22,898,786.07$5,724,696.52
November 2022$17,327,291.21$4,706,483.14$22,033,774.35$5,508,443.59
December 2022$17,640,504.18$4,829,782.52$22,470,286.70$5,617,571.68
January 2023$18,452,254.93$4,401,494.82$22,853,749.75$5,713,437.44
February 2023$17,858,976.07$5,398,514.88$23,257,490.95$5,814,372.74
March 2023$19,792,210.64$4,287,427.13$24,079,637.77$6,019,909.44

Plainridge Park Casino gaming revenue & tax report by month

Plainridge paid the highest in taxes since May 2019, thanks to a profitable revenue hold on play in its casino.

MonthSlot GGRTotal in collected state taxes and rhdf
February 2022$10,950,511.23$5,365,750.50
March 2022$12,937,163.66$6,339,210.19
April 2022$12,908,918.51$6,325,370.07
May 2022$11,731,163.49$5,748,270.11
June 2022$11,967,439.63$5,864,045.42
July 2022$12,498,196.15$6,124,116.11
August 2022$11,961,566.29$5,861,167.48
September 2022$12,199,572.68$5,977,790.61
October 2022$12,363,500.65$6,058,115.32
November 2022$11,392,148.60$5,582,152.81
December 2022$12,310,688.75$6,032,237.49
January 2023$12,166,668.78$5,961,667.70
February 2023$12,040,729.95$5,899,957.68
March 2023$14,256,239.09$6,985,557.15
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