GameSense Making Massachusetts Casinos The Model For Responsible Gaming

Written By Derek Helling on September 28, 2019 - Last Updated on January 31, 2023
Gamesense Massachusetts

The battle to promote responsible gaming in Massachusetts has been augmented by GameSense awareness programs, and others have taken notice.

The idea is to promote responsibility by ensuring game players are aware of how much money and time they have spent gambling. Operators around the world find the idea has merit.

International acclaim for GameSense awareness programs

Across the North American continent and the Pacific Ocean, the city-state of Singapore gets part of its gross domestic product from the gaming industry. Because people are the same everywhere, there are residents of and visitors to that country who have issues with irresponsible gambling.

Because the issue is the same, Singapore’s gaming operators look to see what works. That’s where Boston-Based GameSense comes in.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has employed the services of GameSense for years. Through that partnership, Massachusetts casinos provide a convenient and effective solution.

How GameSense works for casinos and their patrons

GameSense allows casino patrons to track their activity, like how a runner uses a FitBit. While GameSense’s technology doesn’t monitor heartbeats, it can help save patrons from figurative heart attacks.

Users can enable access to their gaming activity. From there, the software tracks every corresponding action. The software then delivers customized reports to users.

Not only do the reports show users how much money they have wagered but the amount of time they spent gaming, as well. For those with compulsive gambling issues, that information acts as a wake-up call.

Even for those who don’t have compulsive gambling issues, the software can help stay on budget. An additional benefit for all players is education on the odds for the slots and table games.

The biggest benefit for casinos is that GameSense software aids their compliance with legal standards. By encouraging patrons to self-regulate, the instances of the casinos having to step in decrease.

While it’s uncertain whether GameSense will start supplying its products in Singapore, just the attention is a bonus for the company. It’s also a win for the gaming industry in Massachusetts.

All press can be good press, but good press is great

The obvious benefit of greater self-regulation when it comes to gaming is that there could be less need for state-funded gambling addiction programs to intervene. While that’s up to the individuals concerned, there is another perk for Massachusetts here.

Operators from around the world zeroing in on the Massachusetts gaming industry is great press. The positive PR could spur further investments in the state, similar to a Saratoga Springs, N.Y., racecourse cutting a deal with Encore Boston Harbor earlier this year.

Massachusetts may not be among the leaders when it comes to things like sports betting in the gaming industry, but its solutions for responsible gaming are top-notch. That expertise has caught the eye of others around the world.

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