Fanatics Sportsbook Ends Beta Testing, Now Live For All Massachusetts Customers

Written By Matthew Bain on August 16, 2023
Fanatics Sportsbook is now live for all bettors in Massachusetts, from

Fanatics Sportsbook is now live for all Massachusetts customers.

The online sportsbook has ended its beta testing program, which started with existing Fanatics customers in late May, and is now open for anyone 21 and older to use for sports betting in Massachusetts. Fanatics Sportsbook is now live for all bettors in Ohio, Tennessee and Maryland, as well.

Despite only running its beta testing program, Fanatics was able to drive $2.4 million in total bets in July and $1.9 million in June, both far more than Betr. However, PlayMA still projects a ceiling of a 5% market share for Fanatics in Massachusetts.

What to expect from Fanatics Sportsbook app in Massachusetts

Scot McClintic, Chief Product Officer at Fanatics Betting & Gaming, ran a demo of the Fanatics Sportsbook app for PlayMA and other Catena Media sites last week. During that presentation, several app features stood out, including what McClintic billed as the platform’s “Spotify-esque” discover feed:

  • The discover feed will become more personalized as the bettor uses the app more.
    • The feed features various stats and betting trends as you scroll.
  • Automatic bet options are provided, but you can swipe up to customize any wager.
  • McClintic’s live bet (on a Marlins vs. Reds baseball game) took less than a second to process.
    • Fanatics will add more live betting features in the coming months, including data visualization and streaming.
  • You can apply your bonus bets from the quick bet drawer.

fanatics sportsbook app live for all customers in Massachusetts, from


Probably the best standout feature of the Fanatics Sportsbook app in Massachusetts is FanCash.

FanCash is the app’s rewards system. Bettors are rewarded with bonus bets or merchandise credits for every bet they place. Different types of bets lead to different amounts of FanCash. It’s like a cash-back program. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 5% of Same Game Parlays rewarded as FanCash
  • 3% of parlays rewarded as FanCash
  • 1% of straight bets rewarded as FanCash

For instance, if you placed a $50 SGP wager, you’d receive $2.50 in FanCash. You could then use that FanCash to buy merchandise on, or you could use it as a bonus bet. This bets-to-FanCash system is one of the more rewarding ongoing Massachusetts sportsbook promos currently available.

Search bar

PlayMA was also a fan of the search feature at Fanatics Sportsbook.

It’s about as Google-esque as sports betting search bars come. The search bar automatically populates as you type. And not only can you search teams, but you can also search for individual players and access their prop bets within games. That’s cool.

Lacking sports and leagues

A current shortcoming of Fanatics Sportsbook is its lack of sports and league options, relative to its competitors. The casual bettor won’t notice this at all. The more seasoned bettor, however, who appreciates a wealth of niche options, may notice.

Fanatics is working on adding more options in the very near future, McClintic said.

“We know we need to catch up here,” he said, “and we are.”

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