Betr Sportsbook Massachusetts Review and Promos

Disclaimer: Betr announced in February 2024 that it was leaving the Massachusetts sports betting marketplace. With that in mind, we recommend signing up with one of these online sportsbooks instead.

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Retail sports betting launched in Massachusetts in January 2023, and online sportsbooks came online on March 10. As one of only 10 operators approved for online sports betting in the state, it appeared that Betr Sportsbook would go live on launch day. However, just a few days before then, Betr announced that it would not debut on March 10. Instead, it debuted on May 10, 2023, in Massachusetts.

When you sign up for a new account with Betr Sportsbook, you’ll gain instant access to the welcome bonus – $50 in Betr bonus bet credits, no Betr promo code required. Betr is the brain-child of Simplebet founder Joey Levy and YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul.

Unlike most sportsbooks that focus on the outcomes of sporting events, Betr hones in on individual plays, allowing users to place microbets on the outcome of events within a game. With the meteoric rise of live betting in the US, Betr hopes to capitalize on this trend and take it to another level.

Quick hitters

  • User experience: Betr is a unique sports betting experience. However, users will find it easy to learn with an intuitive interface.
  • Odds: Betr’s sports betting odds are provided by Simplebet and are very competitive with most sportsbooks on the market.
  • Promos: There are fewer promotions offered at Betr. However, we suspect this may change as the platform continues to evolve.
  • Best feature: Betr offers an unparalleled microbetting experience, making every single play that much more exciting.

Betr Massachusetts promo code in June 2024

When you register for a new Betr Sportsbook account, you’ll become automatically eligible for the operator’s welcome bonus. New Betr users are welcomed with $50 in bonus bet credits, and you don’t even have to enter a Betr Massachusetts promo code.

Betr Sportsbook welcome bonus and bonus code June 2024

Betr Massachusetts Promo CodeNone
Welcome Bonus$50 in bonus bet credits
Terms• Minimum $10 deposit and wager before claiming bonus
• $50 bonus credit must be played through before withdrawing
Best FeatureMicrobetting
Launch DateMay 8, 2023
Promo Valid as ofJune 14, 2024

Maximizing the Betr welcome offer

Compared to some other Massachusetts sportsbook bonuses, Betr makes it super easy to claim your own welcome bonus. Since no promo code is required, just follow our links to Betr’s new user landing page and enter your information.

Once you’re verified, make your first deposit and wager $10 or more. Then, the $50 bonus credit will be automatically added to your Betr wallet. The $50 bonus can be used on any subsequent wager or microbet of your choice. The bonus must also be played through before it can be withdrawn. It will expire in 30 days if it is left unused.

When did Betr Sportsbook launch in Massachusetts?

For a while, it looked like Betr Sportsbook would launch on March 10, 2023, in Massachusetts. Less than 48 hours before then it was announced that Betr would not be ready to go live in the Bay state at that time. Less than two months later (on May 8), Betr online sportsbook went live in Massachusetts.

Betr was approved for online sports betting in Massachusetts by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. Betr has also pledged to make a significant number of hires in the state.

Currently, Betr is live only in one other state. That’s Ohio, which launched sports betting on Jan. 1, 2023. In addition to Massachusetts, Betr has announced plans to expand into Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland.

Getting started at Betr sports betting in Massachusetts

Setting up a new account with Betr Sportsbook is super simple and takes only a few minutes. Simply follow our links to the Betr website and download the app. Once downloaded, open the app and enter some personal information to create your account, including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Social Security number

Once you’ve inputted all the requisite information, the operator will confirm that you are eligible for a Betr Sportsbook account.

All users must be 21 years or older and physically located within the state of Massachusetts upon registration. Once completed, you’re officially set up with your new Betr account and ready to start betting on all your favorite sports. And remember, you’ll become instantly eligible for the $50 welcome bonus when you sign up using our links.

Betr Sportsbook mobile app and rating (4.2/5)

The Betr Sportsbook app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Currently, Betr is mobile-only and not yet available for desktop. The app is very user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for new players to pick up quickly. The Betr app doesn’t look like most other sportsbook apps, taking a more minimal approach to design. In addition to its novel interface, the Betr app also offers unique betting options.

Let’s evaluate some key categories of look and performance. Here are some things we noticed during our experience with the Betr mobile app:

  • Ease of logging in – 4.9/5: Logging in is quick, and the app will remember your profile so you can quickly jump in and place those last-second microbets.
  • Ease of placing bets – 4.5/5: Placing bets is fast and simple even for new players. But Betr uses multipliers instead of odds for wagers, which might mix up some traditional bettors.
  • Overall speed – 4.7/5: The app is quick and intuitive with minimal lagging considering it is still in its Beta version.
  • Ability to place parlays – 0/5: Betr is primarily focused on microbetting, so there are not yet options to place parlays on the app.
  • Ability to place Same Game Parlays – 0/5: Like traditional parlays, SGPs are not the focus of Betr. They may become more integrated as the app evolves.
  • Overall (4.2/5): The Betr app is very solid and has tons of potential considering it is still in its Beta form. The platform is simple, speedy and smooth, making it easy for users to get into microbetting.

Betr Sportsbook vs DraftKings Sportsbook

Here’s a look at how Betr Sportsbook stacks up against industry giant DraftKings Massachusetts Sportsbook:

Daily BoostsNoYes
Same Game ParlaysNoYes
Standard OddsEven (Multipliers)Even
Top BenefitMicrobettingDaily promotions
What's Lacking?Minimal promosWorse average pricing
App Rating4/54.8/5

Overall, both Betr and DraftKings Sportsbook are very solid sports betting platforms. It is tricky to compare Betr to most other sportsbooks due to its totally unique approach. DraftKings is a far more complete, traditional sportsbook equipped with all the features sports bettors have come to know and love.

Conversely, Betr has chosen to focus on a more niche section of the market and allows users to make every play in the game that much more exciting. Both sportsbooks are worth adding to your portfolio. Betr is definitely worth a try for those players looking for a new way to bet on sports.

Live betting options at Betr Sportsbook — microbetting explained

Live betting has quickly become one of the most popular ways to bet on sports over the past few years.

Many traditional sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel Massachusetts have integrated live betting into their platforms, allowing you to bet on the outcomes of games, player props and a whole lot more while the action is unfolding in front of you. The Betr team recognized this trend and took it to another level.

Instead of live betting, a typical wager on Betr is called a microbet. Microbets allow you to dive into game minutiae, making every play that much more exciting. If you’re watching a football game, you can bet on the outcome of each drive or play.

Betr will give you options to choose from, like a touchdown, punt, turnover and field goal — each choice with its own multiplier indicating the line. For example, a $10 wager on the drive to result in a touchdown with a multiplier of 6.53x would earn you $65.30 if you’re correct.

Microbetting isn’t only applicable to football though. You can also bet on basketball, baseball, hockey, UFC and more with Betr. The options for each sport differ, but the concept is the same. The app will always ask you questions about every pitch, possession or fight — all in real time. This allows you to watch while you wager, truly enhancing every single play in a game.

The simplicity of microbetting with Betr makes it super easy for anyone to learn quickly. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor or have never placed a wager in your life, you’ll be able to pick up the idea of Betr in no time. Betr’s ease of use coupled with its instant gratification is disrupting the sports betting industry, exemplifying Betr’s potential for exponential growth in the future.

Other bet types at Betr 

Betr sports betting app is still in its Beta version, so the only way to wager at this time is through microbetting. You cannot yet place futures, moneylines, parlays or any other traditional bets at Betr. The platform will improve as it continues to evolve, and it is more than likely that additional bet types are added to the sportsbook in the future.

Banking, customer service and setting limits at Betr Sportsbook

How to add funds or cash out 

The full scale of Betr’s banking options is still to come, but one thing is for certain: Credit cards will not be accepted on the platform. Betr is committed to promoting responsible gaming and hopes that banning credit cards will mitigate the number of people who struggle with sports betting debt.

Accepted deposit and withdrawal options include bank transfers via e-wallets and cryptocurrency transfers. Deposits and withdrawals are always free but are subject to a $10 minimum. Deposited funds should hit your account instantly, while withdrawals generally process within 24-48 hours.

How to contact Betr customer service in Massachusetts 

By all accounts, Betr features a strong customer support system that satisfies most users. There are a few different ways to contact customer service at Betr. The quickest way is through the live chat feature, which is available 24/7 and utilizes a highly developed artificial intelligence system. If the AI is unable to solve your query, you will be connected with a live customer service agent. You can also reach the Betr team via email at [email protected] or on Twitter @Betr.

How to set limits at Betr Sportsbook 

Betr has proven committed to promoting responsible gambling and has developed numerous tactics to limit those folks with gambling issues. For example, all users aged 21-25 are subject to deposit limits that will keep them from over-depositing. There are also a number of functions to help you manage your gambling:

  • Deposit limits: Set a limit on how much money you can deposit into your Betr account during a given time period.
  • Activity tracker: Track all your Betr activity, including deposits, wagers and withdrawals, to stay on top of your gambling and build good habits.
  • Proactive self-exclusion: You may proactively self-exclude yourself from the Betr platform if you feel that your gambling has become an issue. Once a self-exclusion request is sent, it cannot be reversed.

Betr Sportsbook in-person locations and partnerships

Given that Betr is still in its early stages, there are currently no retail locations where you can wager with Betr. The operator has stated it would like to open a live Betr location in the future, but that seems far off.

If a Betr retail location does open, the first spot would likely be in Ohio, the home state of Betr co-founder Jake Paul.

Betr Massachusetts FAQs

What is the best Betr Sportsbook bonus code in Massachusetts in June 2024?

You don’t need to enter a Betr Massachusetts promo code when you sign up with Betr to claim $50 in bonus bet credits once you deposit $10 into your new account.

Is Betr Sportsbook licensed in Massachusetts?

Yes. Betr secured a license and launched din the state on May 8, 2023.

What is the quickest way to deposit and cash out on the Betr app?

Based on its commitment to responsible gaming, Betr does not accept credit cards, so the fastest way to process transactions is through online banking and cryptocurrency transfers.

Do I have to go to a retail venue to sign up at Betr online?

No. In fact, you can only register with Betr Sportsbook through the mobile app, which is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store anywhere within Massachusetts.

Does Betr charge fees for withdrawals?

No, both deposits and withdrawals are always free at Betr. Both transactions are subject to a $10 minimum.

What makes Betr unique in comparison to other Massachusetts sportsbooks?

Betr is the world’s first microbetting-specialized app, meaning you can live bet on the outcome of every single play in all of your favorite games.

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