Which MA Online Sportsbook App Will Launch Next?

Written By David Fletcher on March 16, 2023 - Last Updated on August 7, 2023
Which MA sportsbook app will be the next to enter the Massachusetts sports betting market, from playma.com

Micro-betting platform Betr was on schedule to launch in Massachusetts last week, but was unable to get the online app ready to accept cash deposits in time.

The company has been working to get the app online as soon as possible to help propel the new sportsbook into both the mainstream and Massachusetts sports betting markets. As of now, the new expected launch day of YouTube star Jake Paul’s sportsbook is sometime in April

Betr CEO Joey Levy recently tweeted he expects the sportsbook to be the seventh operator to launch in Massachusetts. He said that the April go-live date is still intact, although he didn’t give an exact date. 

What to know about Betr Massachusetts

When Massachusetts online sports betting went live last Friday, March 10, only six of the 10 licensed operators were ready for launch.

A smaller, newer sportsbook missing the launch in a major market may seem detrimental. However, Betr’s unique wagering style and Paul’s massive following set the sportsbook up nicely to perform well in every market.

It’s the only US sportsbook dedicated to micro-betting – a possession based, instantaneous version of live betting. It allows betting on the next field goal attempt, results of the next drive in football, the next at-bat, etc. 

But if micro-betting isn’t your thing, Betr still has you covered. Just in time for March Madness, the company announced it will offer traditional sports betting in Massachusetts and all states where it operates. This will mark the first time Betr, known for micro-betting, will provide odds for moneyline, over/under and point spread betting.

Betr is drawing a lot of interest from sports betting fans, and it isn’t waiting idling for the app to be ready for the Massachusetts launch. Levy also took to twitter to promote the free-to-play version that lands new users $10,000 in bonus bet credits. It’s a solid way of attracting people to get familiar with the sportsbook and its offerings in the meantime.

Other sportsbooks on the way to Massachusetts

After Betr launches, the three remaining licensed Massachusetts sportsbooks left to launch will be Fanatics, Bally Bet, and Betway. 

Fanatics Sportsbook

Fanatics already has allure among sports fans thanks to its position as an industry giant in the sports apparel industry. Fanatics Sportsbook presents the biggest threat to what will very much still be an unsettled market for the operating sportsbooks. 

As of now, Fanatics is on track to launch in May 2023. Whether or not it will be able to maintain that date should be made more clear very soon.

The sportsbook is already running in multiple states. It also has plans to be in 15-20 states by Q3, so it’s difficult to imagine any further delays. 

Bally Bet

Bally Bet is another relatively newcomer in the sports betting market, having launched in its first state in 2021.

Thanks to having its wings under it in other states, the expected launch time frame of May 2023 should be more than enough time for the sportsbook to figure things out. 


Last but not least, Betway is expected to launch in January 2024, according to officials from the company.

Super Group recently acquired the sportsbook’s parent company Digital Gaming Corp. The acquisition came after the sportsbook had already received its operating license from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC). Now that the purchase is official, the new ownership group must redo the submission process.

The MGC is doing what it can to accommodate the process, but finalizing the details is going to take some time to complete the process. 

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