Odds Boosts at Online Sportsbooks

With sports betting becoming legal in more and more states — potentially including Massachusetts at some point — bettors expect to see deals from sportsbooks, given the immense competition. One popular option is odds boosts. These are especially becoming more common among the bigger sportsbooks.

The question is, why would they give you free profit if you win? Even if you have a little more experience betting, you still may question whether odds boosts are the right path for you and if they make for good bets.

Here, we will discuss what odds boosts are, where you might be able to find the best boosts in Massachusetts if the state legalizes sports betting and if they are worth pursuing.

Best betting sites for odds boosts

Many sports bettors are aware of some of the bigger sportsbooks that are already active in other states. These are a few of the best online sportsbooks that stand out for odds boosts.

DraftKings Sportsbook

This sportsbook is one of the biggest among legal options elsewhere, so it is no surprise to see it on this list. Here are some of the most notable boosted odds that the DraftKings Online Sportsbook has offered in the past:

  • Bet $5, win $280 on the Super Bowl LVI moneyline.
  • Player props ranging from +200 to +500.
  • 100-1 odds boost on NFL, MLB and NHL games.
  • 40-1 odds boost on specific NFL, NBA and college football odds.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Another popular book on the market is FanDuel. Here are some of the odds boosts that FanDuel Sportsbook has offered:

  • Bet $5, win $280 on the Super Bowl LVI moneyline.
  • Parlay moneyline wins by +60 to +110.
  • Three-pointers in the first three minutes by +20 to +25.
  • Total team points by +45.

BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM is another sportsbook on the rise. Here are some of the odds boosts that you should watch for on the BetMGM Sportsbook site:

  • Bet $10, win $200 if a touchdown is scored in the Super Bowl.
  • Spread and O/U parlay by +55.
  • Player prop and team moneyline parlay by +60.
  • First-period lead by +30.

Caesars Sportsbook

The last sportsbook to mention here is Caesars. This is another one that has made a name for itself. Here are some of the odds boosts that you should watch for on the Caesars Online Sportsbook app:

  • Moneyline parlay by +100
  • Moneyline and O/U parlay by +45
  • Moneyline and exact score parlay in the NHL by +200

What is an odds boost?

An odds boost is a sportsbook promotion use to try to entice more bettors to place bets on a particular game or outcome within a game. Some of the best odds boosts are with big games or big events. This is because these are the types of games that are more likely to draw casual bettors.

Within those games, sportsbooks may offer boosted odds on particular player props or parlays that may convince bettors to go in a different direction from what they had originally intended. Sportsbooks will also try to entice action with odds boosts during games for live betting odds or in game props.

How do odds boosts work in sports betting?

There are two main ways that odds boost bets work. You can either click a link within the sportsbook or enter a special bonus code that will allow you to claim the offer.

Sportsbooks will most likely have an odds boost or bonuses and promotions section where you can see what is available. Sometimes, the one they promote the heaviest will pop up on the front page. Here are some bets that you may be able to boost:

Can I boost my own odds at sportsbooks?

Some sportsbooks will even let you boost your odds rather than use their promo. Most of the time, this is limited to a single wager or event. However, this strategy can work to your advantage as long as you’re confident in your bet and you know what you’re doing.

Boosted odds for major sports

Here are some of the main options you may come across for various popular sports:

NFL odds boosts

The NFL is the top option at pretty much any online sportsbook, and here are some bets that you may find boosts for:

Let’s say, for example, that you wanted to bet on Mac Jones to collect more than 250 passing yards in a game. The normal odds for this may be around -110. However, an enhanced odds boost may allow you to bet this at +125. That means that if you bet $20 on this, you could win $25 on the bet instead of around $18.

NBA odds boosts

The NBA is another sport that bettors like to put some action on. Here are some of the most common boosts when it comes to betting on the NBA:

An example that can apply here is if you wanted to bet on Jayson Tatum to score 25-plus points in a game. Again, the standard odds for this may be around -110. With an odds boost, you can probably get that at about +125.

Going a little further with the money that you bet here, if you bet $100 on this, you would be in line to collect $125 on this bet instead of $90, provided it wins. When you start getting to larger bets, the boosted odds can make a big difference.

Check our list of the best NBA betting sites for the best NBA odds boost offers.

MLB odds boosts

One sport that may not get as much attention compared to the others when it comes to odds boosts is baseball. But, if you look closely, you may find some interesting boosted bets. Here are some that you should look for with baseball betting:

One example here would be betting on MLB player props like Xander Bogaerts to have two or more hits in a game. You may see an odds increase by +50 there, thus making it more tempting to place that bet.

College football & basketball odds boosts

This is where it gets interesting because when it comes to college sports, your betting options can increase dramatically. This is due to the higher number of schools, players and games that are available for you to bet on. Here are a few of the bets that may receive an odds boosts in college sports:

  • Moneyline parlay
  • Over/under
  • Player props (some states do not allow props on college players; we’ll have to wait to see whether Massachusetts legalizes sports betting to see how it handles this)

Let’s say that you believe that Boston College and Harvard will both win their basketball games one night. An odds boost at a sportsbook may allow you to increase your Boston College basketball odds or Harvard game odds by, say, +50. That means you’ll get a bigger reward if the bet comes through.

Note that some states also don’t allow you to bet on in-state college teams. This is another area where we will need to wait and see if Massachusetts moves ahead with legal sports betting. If they do you can expect to find yearly odds boosts for local teams and bowl games including Boston College football odds, UMass football odds or Fenway Bowl odds.

Odds boosts vs. parlays & teasers

Some novice bettors aware of parlays and teasers may ask why enhanced odds are different or better than those options. In short, enhanced odds offer you additional value without requiring you to give up anything in your bet. You can bet on the same thing you were planning to for +25, +50 or even +100 odds without giving up anything on your end.

What about parlays? In that case, what you are giving up there is your chance to win. Yes, you may add a leg to your parlay, and it might bring it up to +600 odds, but you still have to get every leg of the bet correct. Adding a leg to give yourself higher odds can be a risk because you lose the entire bet if that additional leg loses.

When it comes to teasers, it is a similar story. Yes, you can buy points in your favor, but you would be giving up potential profit by doing so. The same thing occurs if you sell points. If you go from -3 to -5 on a favorite, you are getting better odds, but you are making it more difficult for that bet to win.

Are odds boosts worth it?

With all of this information, you might still wonder about the validity of odds boosts. Are enhanced odds promotions sucker bets or a worthwhile endeavor? The answer to this question is that it depends. Sometimes they can be, because certain boosts may tempt you to pick a parlay that you had no interest in before the boost.

However, others, such as ones you find when you first sign up to a sportsbook, are bets that are nearly impossible to lose, so it can be very good value to pick up those types of boosts.

The trick is to look for the latter type of boosts, when possible. When it comes to the rest, stick with boosts on bets that you were already interested in making before finding out about the boost.

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