NHL Point Total Odds

Beyond all of the ways to wager on individual NHL games, there are also bets for the whole season to consider. NHL futures odds come out in the offseason and are a very popular attraction at legal online sportsbooks. One of the biggest attention grabbers is betting on NHL point totals.

The concept is simple as sportsbooks project the total points for each team during the regular season. You can bet the over/under on whether a team will hit its number. Here is how to bet on NHL point totals online in Massachusetts once legal sports betting becomes a reality.

NHL point totals odds

The top online sportsbooks have dedicated sections for NHL futures odds. Among the options are NHL point totals. Once legal Massachusetts sportsbooks go live, you can check out the latest odds down below.


Best sportsbooks for NHL point total betting

Most of the top sportsbooks offer NHL point total bets. Here are some of the best online sportsbooks that are expected to be on the way to Massachusetts in the future.


MA-based DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the most popular options in a number of legal states. The platform is slick and filled with bells and whistles. The NHL is a featured on-site offering with top markets including:

  • Puck lines, moneylines, and point totals.
  • Individual NHL player props for each game.
  • Season-long player futures bets.
  • Team futures (point totals, division winners, Stanley Cup winners, etc.).


The FanDuel Massachusetts Sportsbook app is another industry leader with a good assortment of NHL bets. Top features include same-game parlays, competitive odds, and a wide range of player props and NHL futures. You can bet on:

  • Puck lines, moneylines, and point totals.
  • Player props for each game.
  • Season-long player futures.
  • Season-long team performances (NHL point totals, etc.).


BetMGM Sportsbook is another trusted industry name with plenty of NHL betting odds to consider. The site has great features like ‘edit my bet,’ regular promo offerings, and all of the NHL bet types you could ask for.

  • Puck lines, moneylines, and point totals.
  • Individual player props.
  • Season-long player props.
  • Team futures betting (Stanley Cup winner, point totals.


Caesars Sportsbook is another leading sportsbook that offers up a wide range of NHL markets and bet types. The odds are typically on point, and the Emperor isn’t shy about dishing out regular promos like odds boosts.

  • Puck lines, moneylines, and point totals.
  • Player props for each game.
  • Season-long player futures.
  • Team futures (Stanley Cup winner, point totals, etc.)

Vegas point total odds vs. local sportsbook odds

Based on the market where a sportsbook operates, its numbers can vary. If a particular team is receiving a lot of action on one side, then the line on its total points will likely move in the opposite direction to try to even things out. For instance, in the Boston market, more money might come in on the Bruins over, driving up the point total. The action may not be as heavy on the Bruins elsewhere.

Fans and bettors have become accustomed to looking towards Las Vegas for the best NHL betting odds. While you can still check out the numbers from Sin City as a reference point, know that sportsbooks in other legal states are delivering comparable odds for NHL point totals and all other bets.

How NHL over/unders work

Oddsmakers consider a combination of factors when determining over/under lines. These include last year’s point totals, free-agent acquisitions/trades, and analytical projections. Once they release their lines, you can bet on each team to have more or fewer points than the total set by the book.

Lines come out during the offseason and adjust from there based on the action that’s coming in. Odds are usually not available during the second half of the season. If you lock in your bet in the preseason, you don’t need to worry about fluctuations after that, as you get the number that was there when you placed your bet.

Unlike individual games, futures bets on total points take all or most of the season to determine. Payouts depend on the sportsbook. Some books will pay as soon as the over hits (or the under is confirmed). Others wait until the end of the season before grading the bets. Be sure to check the terms of your sportsbook.

Critical injuries do not void a bet and can be a frustrating unforeseen aspect of futures betting. However, sportsbooks will generally refund your bet in the event of a shortened season or outright cancellation. See more about NHL betting rules here.

Do point total over/unders change as the season progresses?

At the vast majority of sportsbooks, NHL point totals are set in the offseason. You won’t see any movement in the actual point totals from there, but fluctuations in the odds for the two possible choices are common. Additionally, over/under betting on point total lines may not be available once the season gets underway.

When is the best time to bet on NHL point totals?

There isn’t a “best time” to place a points total bet, but the general rule of thumb is this: when you’re happy with the listed number and the odds for your choice, go for it. For some bettors, the preference is to get in early as soon as the numbers come out, while others prefer to see how the market develops.

Regardless of when you decide to jump in, check the NHL point totals upon release and track any movements in the numbers from there to pick your spots.

Three stats to look for when betting on NHL point totals

Here are some trends to watch before locking in your point total bets before and during the NHL season:

  • Evaluate rosters and expert predictions. Analyze each roster while considering things like trades, free agency acquisitions, injuries, and expert opinions. Based on which way the arrow is pointing for a specific team and the other teams in the division, you can attempt to predict if a team is overvalued or undervalued. You can also gauge sentiment among hockey analysts to confirm or second-guess your leanings.
  • Research key metrics. For a simple starting point, if a team’s goals scored vs. goals allowed doesn’t align with its record, that might be a sign that it has over or underperformed in the previous season. That squad could be in line for a correction one way or the other. Various hockey analytics can help you gauge this.
  • Consider the difficulty of the schedule. The NHL can go in cycles, which leads to variances in the competition level in the conferences and divisions. If you see a powerhouse team in a weak division – or a rebuilding club in a stacked conference – that can be a great clue on how many points they can be reasonably expected to accumulate.

More NHL futures odds

Besides NHL win totals, there are many other hockey futures bets to consider. Some bets include more team-oriented results, while others are on individual accomplishments. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Stanley Cup odds
  • Conference winners
  • Division winners
  • Odds to make the playoffs
  • Top regular-season points, goals, and goalie wins
  • Hart Trophy (MVP)
  • Vezina Trophy (top goalie)
  • Norris Trophy (top defender)
  • Calder Trophy (rookie of the year)
  • Jack Adams Award (best coach)

NHL futures betting can keep you engaged throughout the preseason. The odds can also be a fantastic research tool to lean on as you try to project out what may be to come in the season at hand.

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