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Mega Millions Google searches in Massachusetts

Where Are Mega Millions Google Searches Most Popular? Massachusetts

With Tuesday’s drawing for the $1.05 billion Mega Millions jackpot just a day away, one state has the highest percentage of residents conducting Google searches related to Mega Millions. And it’s Massachusetts. According to Google Trends, Massachusetts has by far the highest rate of “megamillions tickets” Google searches in the country over the past seven days. The […]
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Could online lottery follow online sports betting in Massachusetts?

Will Online Lottery Follow Online Sports Betting in Massachusetts?

For many years, officials at the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission have been pushing for lawmakers to legalize online lottery sales. With online sports betting on the horizon, could the legislature finally agree to allow citizens to purchase lottery tickets online and via mobile devices? Last week, we reported Massachusetts Treasurer Deb Goldberg expressed concerns that […]
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